How Digestive Enzymes Can Help Athletes to Outperform the Norm

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One can’t but say that the Digestive health market is one that’s growing from strength to strength, offering both manufacturers a lot of opportunities. Some brands have taken the opportunities with both hands, forging ahead.

Protein is a nutrient that is needed if one wants to maintain a great lifestyle and diet. For those individuals that are active either as professional athletes or merely fitness enthusiasts, consuming protein in great amount is needed because it helps in muscle recovery. To meet up the ever-rising need for protein, a lot of supplements and products are out there, claiming to offer this nutrient. Though protein may play a big role in a person’s life, enzymes play a bigger role in the protein’s digestion. If not enzymes, we won’t be able to receive the benefits that come with consuming protein.

Whey is the protein seen in milk and is one type of protein that is purchased a lot as a supplement to athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that want an alternative to fatty or high in carb foods.

One reason Whey protein is loved is due to its profile of amino acid, as they are known to possess a high amount of the essential amino acid, and 25% of these essential amino acids are isoleucine, BCAAs leucine, as well as valine, which are great for repairing tissue and building of muscle.

It usually takes ninety minutes before Whey protein can be broken down, in a process called hydrolysis, because it has to move from the stomach via a person’s small intestine to be digested, absorbed and metamorphosed in a form that the body can use for muscle synthesis. If the protein is not digested, it is excreted. This is why enzymes are important. They make the digestion process quicker and possible.

Enzymes Are Here To Stay

Top Nutritionist, Ankit Rathi, shares the view above.

‘More bodybuilders and athletes are in need of whey protein their diets or as supplements because of its function in muscle recovery. As they continuously demand whey protein, they need something to ensure that it is digested quickly and prevent most of it from being excreted. This is where enzymes come into play.’

‘More people want lean muscle mass that whey protein can offer. This means they are invariably demanding for enzymes to digest them quickly for the body to absorb’. Ankit Rathi went on to say.

The top nutritionist has noticed something in those that consume whey protein- large peptides.

‘Since Whey protein takes ninety minutes to be consumed, and are not easily assimilated, leaving behind discomfort in the consumer because of the large peptides, enzymes need to be consumed too.’

What Enzymes Exist In The Market

When Ankit was asked what type of enzyme athletes should use to improve their muscle development and maintenance, he said, ‘Three. Digestive, Proteolytic, and Systemic enzymes. The digestive enzymes, like its name states, are those that aid in the proper assimilation of the food’s nutrients. Those Enteric coated enzymes are great as they aid enzymes in easily moving through whatever harsh condition the stomach presents.

You see Proteolytic enzymes. They are great for digesting protein. Athletes are known to consume a lot of protein, and it takes longer for it to be digested, meaning a lot of the protein is excreted. These enzymes ensure they are digested quickly, and little is excreted. Those, who want to have their muscles recovered, and maintained can take this.

The third one, Systemic enzymes help to reduce inflammation, and other issues like soreness that athletes face regularly.’

Foods With High Enzyme Content

Every natural food has an amount of enzymes, as they are important for the food to grow, but there are some foods with higher enzyme content.

Pineapple: Pineapple is known to possess Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, which is known to help in easily breaking proteins to amino acids and peptides.

Papaya: Athletes that consume a lot of proteins will benefit from Papain, an enzyme in Papaya, which is known to break down protein to amino acids and peptides.

Banana: What of banana? It possesses amylases, a group of enzymes that go a long way to break advanced carbohydrates to simple sugar.

Other foods that have a large amount of enzymes that can digest fats, carbs, and proteins are fermented foods used in making some cuisines like Kimchi, Kefir.

What Enzyme Rich Supplements Would You Recommend For An Athlete?

Since enzymes are important, Ankit is of the opinion that ‘ Pepzyme AG produced by Specialty Enzymes is great with a proteolytic blend of enzymes that will aid the digestion of proteins. Since athletes consume a lot of protein more than others, Pepzyme AG can aid the easy converting of proteins to both amino acids and peptides, which can be used by the body.

Prohydroxy P: Prohydroxy is another one I like. It is produced by Specialty Enzymes and is known to help in digesting fats, protein, carbohydrates, and dairy.

Are There Any Risks Concerned With Consuming Enzyme Reach Supplements?

Almost everything known to man has its risks, and Ankit shared similar opinions when asked of his opinion,

‘Going to the grocery store has its risk, even playing with your dog in the park comes with its risks. Enzymes have little or no risks, especially when you take it in normal doses, though some people may notice stomach irritation.’

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