How color can make your home a haven

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(Family Features) If ever there was a need to create a tranquil escape from the chaos of the world, the time is now. Converting your living space into a soul-soothing refuge may be easier than you think as a serene color palette is often all you need to shift the mood of your home.

For many people, the home is a personal sanctuary, and through thoughtful color design, you can discover a renewed sense of balance and ease each time you walk through your front door. Incorporating colors inspired by simplicity and serenity can create spaces that transform the home into a soothing and comfortable space.

A restorative style starts with soft and natural colors; simplicity, approachability and comfort are also essential. Softened tones keep things easy and uncomplicated for spaces that feel balanced and meaningful.

To start creating a peaceful refuge within your home, consider these tips from the experts at HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams to discover how to use color to paint a sense of calm for all who enter.

Peace on the Porch

Fuss-free styling on the front porch sets a tone for the ambiance inside. Make sure all who enter know this is a place of calm and comfort by using soft, subtle colors. A fresh coat of exterior paint – or a new shade on the front door – can help freshen and brighten the space while purposeful, understated furnishings and accessories lend themselves to a graceful welcome.

Balanced Bedroom

There’s no space quite like the bedroom to command a peaceful presence. A curated palette like the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color Collection of the Year offers multiple options that exude peacefulness and facilitate tranquility. The Softened Refuge Collection, available exclusively at Lowe’s, is composed of 10 soft and simple tones that can be mixed and matched in any combination for a perfectly cohesive look.

One highlight is the 2022 Color of the Year, Aleutian, a washed indigo that is grounded by the warmth of its red undertones and bridges the gap between warm and cool tones. It pairs beautifully with wood tones so you can easily incorporate practical furnishings that lend to an aura of relaxation and comfort.

Laid-Back Living Room

Color that mimics the hues found naturally outdoors tend to soothe the soul. Introduce natural calm to a place your family enjoys congregating by updating walls to a sophisticated organic green that is rooted in nature. Carry the relaxed mood throughout the room with complementing nature-inspired neutrals for your furniture, window treatments and accent pieces.

Subtle Kitchen Spice

A stark white kitchen may feel crisp and clean, but it lacks the character that color brings. You can keep that airy feeling while infusing some gentle, welcoming warmth. Painted cabinets are on trend, so this is a perfect place to play with color. Use a light neutral taupe for the cabinets then balance with a warm, creamy white on the walls. If you’re worried the space may be dull, infuse a bit of color with a neutral blue on the backsplash. The soft hues work harmoniously for a simple but stylish space.

“The Softened Refuge palette is designed to simplify color selection for a perfectly coordinated home design,” said Ashley Banbury, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams senior color designer. “Color combinations within the Collection can easily be used to craft spaces that help promote positive physical and mental well-being.”

Inspiring Office

Your home office may see more use these days, so make it a place that keeps you centered and serene. Take a less-is-more approach and style with minimal color and repeating shapes for visual harmony that helps keep distractions at bay. For example, a rich black with brown undertones offers an elegant backdrop for a workspace. Consider using it for an accent wall with architectural detail like shiplap or beadboard then, on the remaining walls, complement the warmth with a pale tan shade that picks up the notes of brown.

Brighter Small Spaces

It’s possible to illuminate small rooms and make them glow, even if there are no windows in the spaces. Tan shades with golden undertones attract natural light, and pairing a soft white adds vitality without overpowering the space. It’s a logical approach for a small, dimly lit bathroom or even a small bedroom situated away from ample direct light.

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SOURCE:  HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

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