Holiday Baking Treats

Holiday Baking

One of the first signs that the holiday season has arrived is the smell of freshly baked treats coming from the kitchen. Cooking and baking are both a big part of many families all year, but even more so at the holidays. From homemade hot cocoa, to freshly baked pies, you are sure to find the comforts and smells of family time in your kitchen each December.

And for many a cookie baking day is a day we look forward to. It’s a lot of work, but in the end, you will have dozens and dozens of cookies that you can take to holiday parties and give to your neighbors as gifts. When you include a few families in the baking day you can benefit by making many more varieties of cookies and treats. This allows each family a larger variety of baked goods.

Here are a few tips for your baking day: 

  1. Assign each family a list of 3 or 4 of their favorite options- this will make sure everyone has their favorite included.
  2. Have each family supply all of the ingredients for their choices.
  3. Select a few standard cookies (like decorated sugar cookies) that are not included in the family lists.
  4. Start the day off with cookies the kids will help with (like decorated cookies)- that keeps them busy while you and your friends focus on other baked items.
  5. Don’t forget containers- the last thing you want is to make a bunch of cookies with no place to put them.
  6. Help with clean up. A day of baking can create a kitchen disaster, but a few hands together can get the kitchen back in order.

And don’t forget a few cocktail ideas or a special wine- after all this should be a day of fun for all!

For many of us the Holidays include a variety of treats and deserts we make at home. Whether your dinner is followed by a pecan pie or you are looking for the breads to serve with your Christmas brunch here are a few of our favorite holiday baking recipes.


However you spend the holidays this year, don’t forget the bread! There are many traditional breads that can be purchased (or spend the day making them). And here are a few simple breads that your family and guests will love.


Wish someone a Merry Christmas with your own home baked  Christmas cookie tins. Who wouldn’t want gourmet Christmas cookies delivered to their door during the holiday season? 

For additional holiday baking recipes visit our Holiday recipe center.

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