Herbs Are More Than A Fad, It’s Packed With Healthy Nutrients


It’s a little known secret – herbs can transform a meal from bland to delicious. Infusing a dish with its flavors, one does not have to splurge their time on perfect knife skills or master gastronomy. Selecting the right herb is key to packing flavor into the dishes, and plating a better meal.

What’s more, infusing herbs into your food can help keep the cooking clean and hygienic, and negate the need for an extra pinch of salt. With a variety of brands ranging from the popular herbal supplements taking to the stores, nutrition has not taken the backseat in the growing food industry.

Be it the classic roast chicken or the humble stir-fry from a diabetic cookbook, herbs are a great add-on to a simple dish. A few tricks to spice up your meal would be to add a pinch of sage or tarragon, and to load your meat with lemon thyme along with some lemon zest and a dash of vegetable toppings. With a stir-fry, you can up your game by throwing in some diced chicken cubes into a mountain of vegetables that’s filled with plenty of Thai basil or coriander.

These simple dishes are one of the many culinary delights that celebrate herbs and leave behind something simple – eating healthy is living well.

Herbs, supplements and other plant extracts are a great way to jam-pack some vitamins and body care for healthy living. While many had to rely on natural extracts decades ago for everything from culinary ingredients to medicinal cures, the advancement of research and science has enabled Gaia herbs to sell interesting concoctions that range from liquid herbs to canisters for plant-based powders.

With the market seeing an increased drive of consumerism, companies that manufactured herbal supplements did not shy away from launching more organic products, and drew dietary inspiration from atypical fruits like mulberry and apricot.

 The boom to this business has boosted an age-old practice known as wild-crafting, one that relies largely on herb growers across the global farming community..

Better yet, every herb off the shelf – be it parsley, basil, dill or chives – can now be taken in a more concentrated, unadulterated form.

Household names have launched vegan capsules that come with ultra-concentrated liquid raw herbs, that even includes the age-old turmeric. Turmeric’s promise to ward off all sorts of inflammations, especially for the aging baby boomers, has been significant. It’s this benefit that the herbs market is now tapping into and enabling access for many to high-quality and super healthy nutritional supplements. 

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