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Collagen drink

Give your body the support it needs to look and feel as good as you want it to. Full Body Impact Liquid Collagen provides a delicious, easy way to keep your hair growing and healthy, skin youthful, nails strong, and joints and bones from aching. Our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen as we age. That’s why your hair gets thinner and brittle and standing up from a squat gives crackling knees (curse you, Father Time). Why give into aging early when you don’t have to? 

Full Body Impact is completely different from the leading collagen supplement brand. Their hydrolyzed liquid collagen is broken down into smaller particles which is easier on your body and has a 99.5% absorption rate in just 15 minutes. They use kosher porcine collagen for better absorption than marine or bovine alternatives, and it’s been tested by an independent third-party lab for quality, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and other impurities. Full Body Impact is proudly made in the USA in an FDA and SQF-certified facility.

Science has come a long way in creating products that boost your body’s collagen production. But they aren’t optimized for your body and daily life. Collagen pills and powders just aren’t enjoyable to ingest and your body actually isn’t able to easily and quickly digest them. Plus, when on the go, you don’t want to be fumbling with a messy powder.

Available in two delicious flavors, Peach Mango Vibes™ and Watermelon & Chill™, Full Body Impact is incredibly easy and convenient to enjoy. Simply take 1-2 shots (1oz serving) a day and because of the great taste, it can be taken straight, or feel free to mix with a few ounces of water, club soda, juice, sparkling water, or whatever fun recipe you come up with (this will also reduce the sweetness and viscosity). Available in two sizes; a 32oz bottle and box of 30 1oz on-the-go packets, Full Body Impact is a must-have for those looking to fight back against the signs of aging already happening or keep your youthful glow longer.

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