Hair Brushes 101

Do you know what your brush can do for you? Check out these different kinds of brushes to maximize your hair-styling potential, decrease frizzy locks, and prepare for all those family photos.

MINI DENMAN: It’s small with plastic bristles set far apart and is good for styling fringe and other pieces around the face.

PADDLE: Usually large and square and great for blow drying wet hair to a smooth finish by brushing in different directions (back/forth—X pattern).

SMALL CERAMIC ROUND BRUSH: The ceramic barrel heats up from the heat of a blow dryer and helps set curl while reducing drying time. It’s good for creating curl on the ends, or for short hair.

LARGE CERAMIC ROUND BRUSH: Drying fine, straight hair does not require much tension, but it does require heat to promote body. The large ceramic barrel provides a lot of heat when used with a blow dryer.

SMALL ROUND BRISTLE BRUSH: Pulls curl out of thick or thin hair, and bristles are closer together to provide more tension.

LARGE OVAL BRISTLE BRUSH: Straightens thick or fine and curly or wavy hair—the oval shape is good for smoothing and creating volume.

Source: Ruth Roche, Stylist and Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care

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