Gluten Free Diet Trends and Why They are Gaining Popularity

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Gluten is in a large part of the world’s grain products and as such the consumption of products containing gluten has been reducing for a variety of reasons. Whether consumers are conscious about their gluten free diet needs due to celiac disease, or for alternative health benefits that comes with eliminating or reducing gluten from the diet, it is apparent that it has become an issue that leads to an increase in gluten free foods in the market.

Innovation in Gluten Free Product Research and Development

Gluten free research and development have been innovative in creating products with pulses in place of wheat to create pastas and other products. This process increases the amount of fiber and protein in these types of food while also removing the aspect of gluten based grain as the pasta base. Many food producers using pulses are now gaining popularity and the trend is spreading to other companies that wish to compete with similar products.

Breakfast food options have seen an increase in gluten free products being produced. Simple options such as gluten free granola with fruit and nuts has always been a delicious option, and are being marketed more heavily than ever with great results. This spreads out to deserts and other meal times with a variety of re-discovered gluten free options with classic and new recipes.

New options in fusion restaurants are also trying to elevate gluten free options to new levels. Taking different culture styles and making new gluten free foods are becoming a major trend. Catering companies offering gluten free menus to provide to their customers makes it possible to provide great food prepared with the necessary options – including pizza margherita – for those who cannot or choose not to eat foods that contain gluten.

Health Trends in Today’s Youth

Going gluten free is not a fad for today’s youth. The modern day concerns on health when consuming gluten makes it a really hot topic involving children, teens and adults alike. Support for those who have sensitivity to gluten has become more widespread and the use of social media really boosts visibility and enforces awareness to a broader audience. With this, the health benefits of reducing gluten intake makes its way to the masses.

More and more people report an increase in energy and the added benefit of weight loss when eliminating gluten from their diets. Even without having celiac disease as the main concern from millennials, diet regimens encouraging food choices that are gluten free have began increasing in popularity. These consumers also are interested in paying a premium for products that fit certain standards when it comes to being gluten free.

Expansion to Larger Companies with Influence on the Market

Gluten free food companies are making large strides in going mainstream. Some brands have been available for decades while newer options are also creeping up on shelves in department stores and health food markets.

Even though not all companies have adopted strictly gluten free product lines, many have motioned to include gluten free options under brand names that are well recognized and trusted by a consumer base that is shifting to healthier gluten free food options. This means major companies that offer household food brands are making a shift to provide options for their consumers that need or want to have gluten free as an option available to them. Not every product can become gluten free, but many analogs are popping up to take their place or provide a comforting experience to the transition.

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