Fun and Flirty Summer Mocktails You’ll Love

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Summer calls for poolside lounging, long beach days, and backyard hangouts, and these events call for cold, delicious beverages. Though most people enjoy alcohol throughout the summer, you can avoid this inflammatory product and still enjoy your time in the sun to the fullest. If you want ideas for delicious, all-natural, and zero-proof drink recipes, then read on for some fun and flirty summer mocktails you’ll love!

Why Mocktails?

It’s no secret—alcohol isn’t great for you. With inflammatory and depressant qualities, alcohol can hamper health if consumed even moderately. Avoiding alcohol can help you reverse daily toxin exposure and start each summer day with a clearer, happier mindset.

However, alcohol is so ingrained into social life that not having a drink in your hand can feel awkward and even rude. Enter mocktails—your solution to having something to sip on without any of the bad stuff. Not only are mocktails not bad for you, but they can also be actively good for you with the right ingredients! Dive into some delicious, nourishing recipes below.

Exotic, All-Natural Lemonade

Everyone loves a glass of lemonade in the summer, but you aren’t limited to plain lemon or the classic strawberry twist. How does a juicy mango lemonade sound? Or how about adding a hint of lychee? Maybe you want to muddle some pineapple and orange at the bottom of the glass for a tropical summertime medley.

All you have to do is choose your fruits, muddle, blend, or juice them, and then add the resulting flavor bomb to your lemonade base. Yum!

Watermelon Rosemary Fizz

Next on the menu is the watermelon rosemary fizz, a juicy, sweet concoction you’ll want glass after glass of. To make this drink, blend chunks of ripe watermelon for the base. Next, add this puree to a glass and top it off generously with sparkling water. Finally, add either a splash of homemade rosemary syrup or just a sprig of crushed rosemary for a less sugary alternative. Enjoy the satisfying bubbly texture that makes every sip an absolute delight!

Rosemary Syrup Recipe

Making the syrup for this recipe couldn’t be easier! Just bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil with some sprigs of rosemary. Let the rosemary infuse the concoction, and then turn off the heat and wait for the syrup to cool before straining and serving.

Sweet-and-Sour Ginger Beer

If you love a bit of a zing in your drinks, the sweet-and-sour ginger beer is a must-try. The base is an all-natural ginger beer that you elevate with raw honey and organic lemon for a tangy twist on an already delicious beverage. You can experiment with some different types of raw honey to see which best complements the recipe while exploring the many varieties of this nutritious ingredient.

We’re sure you’ll love these fun and flirty summer mocktails, so remember them the next time you have a summer event to attend but don’t want to drink alcohol. The all-natural, nutritious ingredients of mocktails will fuel your summer fun with mental and physical health benefits—what’s not to love about that?

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