Five Remedies for Physical Ailments

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It’s no secret that people are worried about their health these days. Since the pandemic began, there’s been a renewed focus on health and treating ourselves in the ways that we need to be treated. When you’re struggling with physical pain or an ailment, it is difficult. Still, there are many things you can do to overcome physical pain, discomfort, and chronic disorders. While prescription drugs are helpful, they aren’t the only solution to these problems. Read below for five remedies for physical ailments.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical that derives from the cannabis plant. It has all kinds of medicinal purposes such as CBD pain relief. It doesn’t get you high, but it can help lower inflammation, reduce pain, improve mood, and help with all kinds of ailments. Not only will it help you sleep better, but it can also mitigate nausea and even mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression. If you’re struggling with physical pain, discomfort, or a chronic disorder, CBD just may be able to help your situation. As the stigma surrounding the cannabis plant and CBD in particular fade away, new ways to use the chemical will be discovered and implemented.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are very versatile. Not only can they be used to decrease pain and inflammation, but they can also mitigate stress and anxiety, as well. They can also facilitate gut health and weight loss. There are many essential oils all with different properties. Lavender, for example, is used both for skin health and emotional health. Lemongrass has all kinds of benefits. So does bergamot. While it depends on what you’re going through, take a look into essential oils to find many holistic solutions.

Roots & Spices

There are also many different kinds of roots and spices that have healing properties. Ginger is great for you. It accelerates your body’s recovery and can provide healing after you exercise. It is good for your stomach and offers natural pain relief. You can make ginger into a tea, add it to your meal, or simply eat it raw or pickled.

Many spices have similar priorities. Turmeric is known for all of its benefits. It can be as effective as ibuprofen, without the drawbacks. Another herbal remedy that has many benefits, turmeric also reduces inflammation and is quite good for you overall. You can simply make a smoothie or tea from it but you can also buy turmeric supplements.


When you’re dealing with physical pain, discomfort, inflammation, anxiety, and other ailments, yoga is a great practice. Yoga does wonders for your body and soul. It isn’t just stretching. Practicing yoga gets your blood flowing to the right places and provides a way for you to work out all the stress you carry in your body. If you’re uptight, stressed, or dealing with physical pain, yoga is the way to go. The best part about it is that anyone can do yoga. Even if you’re not dealing with an ailment, practicing yoga will provide healing and calm.


Acupuncture is an Eastern alternative therapy that reduces pain. Specifically, acupuncture is a great way to treat back, neck, and knee pain. It is also shown to reduce tension headaches and prevent migraines. Not only is acupuncture an effective way to manage pain, but it can also help with musculoskeletal pain and osteoarthritis. While all of its benefits are not fully known, the Western world is beginning to accept and acknowledge that acupuncture is a legitimate treatment that should be used for a variety of ailments.

When You Need Prescriptions

Of course, not every ailment can be treated with a holistic, natural remedy. Sometimes we need prescription drugs for our chronic disorders, diseases, and other ailments. If the problem is that you can’t afford your medications, which is all too often the case, you should look somewhere you can find a discount prescriptions card. With discounts, you’ll be able to get the medications you need for cheaper. While natural remedies are often better for you, sometimes there is no substitute for a medication that you need.

Everyone is different. We carry our own baggage in our minds and bodies. When you are struggling with a physical ailment, it’s completely necessary to treat it in the most natural but effective way. Luckily there are many options. Do a bit of research on your ailment and you will find more ways to treat it. 

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