Fitting Fitness into Your Busy Schedule


Finding time to fit your gym routine into a hectic week can be a tall task. Between work, school, kids, or any other daily responsibilities, it can be hard to find time for self-improvement. Even if you are able to find a spare hour throughout your day, what if it’s only at midnight? Or at the break of dawn before work? Below we’ll discuss some tips on how to fit your workout routine into your busy weekly schedule.

Planning Around Work

For most people, the biggest commitment holding them back from a consistent fitness regimen is their career. It can be pretty forgiving for 9-5 workers, but for those who work unconventional hours, it can be a struggle. For many finding a gym with flexible hours on their commute to or from work can alleviate some of the hassles of scheduling. For instance, there’s a 24-hour fitness center in Syracuse, Utah and in almost every other small town across the country. Being able to fit your workout in at midnight after a late-night shift can be a crucial tool when achieving your fitness goals.

Also, if you’re someone who only goes to the gym once or twice a week, try and focus on working out during your off-days. Adding fitness to your weekend to-do list among shopping, cleaning, or housework can simplify the mentality of working out.

Consolidating Your Workouts

Although many fitness enthusiasts would prefer to visit the gym five times a week, logistically it can be difficult. It can be helpful to minimize your trips to the gym if you have a busy schedule. This can mean adding your cardio before or after you lift weights, doing full-body workouts, or replacing one of your typical workouts with an all-encompassing aerobic class.

Although your workouts may be a little bit longer, the time spent traveling back and forth can mean all the difference. Not to mention the time spent showering or changing before or after, limiting the extra time during steps surrounding workouts can add up.

Planning Your Meals

Arguably just as important as the workouts themselves, eating a proper diet can be just as challenging as finding time for the gym. With a chaotic work week, often times the first thing to suffer is our diet. Stopping for fast food is an appealing option when your schedule is tight, so putting time and thought into daily meals beforehand can be a valuable tool.

Preparing a weeks worth of meals on your day off or during free time, and then dividing them up into individual containers is a common method for meal planning. Whether it is just your lunch, or possibly all three meals, preparing everything all at once is a great time saver. Not only is this better for your schedule, but it will prevent last-minute poor diet choices that will negate your hard work in the gym.

Understanding Your Limits

Everyone has grand plans for how they want their ideal fitness routine to pan out. Unfortunately, the reality can often times leave you feeling unaccomplished in those goals. Don’t set the bar too high when trying to schedule around the gym. Start off simple with one or two days a week, and add in more sessions as you see fit. Fitness is a long term process, so starting off with an attainable target can prevent burnout down the road.

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