First Flavored Nutritional Yeast Flake

Bragg Flavored Nooch

Bragg Live Food Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the introduction of Flavored Nutritional Yeast Seasonings, launching nationally on Tuesday, February 15th.

For over a century, Bragg has pioneered the natural foods industry, encouraging a vibrant, healthy lifestyle by producing innovative pantry items to support a plant-based diet. Bragg’s Flavored Nutritional Yeast Seasonings propel the brand’s leadership one step further, serving as the first flavored nutritional yeast flake on the US market.

The two products, Roasted Garlic and Smoky BBQ, layer in rich flavors that diversify nutritional yeast’s use as a versatile, delicious plant-based seasoning. Bragg’s nutritional yeast delivers five grams of complete protein with each serving and is an excellent source of Vitamins B6 and B12, which support a healthy metabolism and overall skin, hair, and nail health.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our Flavored Nutritional Yeast Seasonings.” says Linda Boardman, Bragg’s CEO. “Nutritional Yeast, lovingly referred to as ‘nooch,’ is one of the few sources of complete protein for those on a plant-based or vegan diet. As we continue to evolve the ways through which we deliver a daily dose of wellness, we saw an opportunity to innovate and expand upon our best-selling Nutritional Yeast. Our Roasted Garlic and Smoky BBQ Nutritional Yeast Seasonings offer flavorful new options to boost the taste and nutrition of meals and snacks, while delivering key nutrients.”

Bragg’s Roasted Garlic and Smoky BBQ Flavored Nutritional Yeast Seasonings retail for $6.99 and are now available for purchase at and Amazon.

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