Factors that Cause Weight Gain and How to Combat Them


Losing weight isn’t cut and dry. In fact, it can be a challenging uphill battle for most to reach their desired body type. Though eating the right foods and exercising can essentially help to shed excess weight, it is not the end all be all. The reality is that there are a number of underlying factors that can cause a person to struggle with their weight. Understanding these causes as they pertain to you can help you to make a more individualized plan to lose weight more effectively. 

Let’s look closely at some of the most common factors of weight gain. 


Did you know that some people are more prone to have trouble with weight gain or obesity than others? For example, children who have obese or overweight parents are more likely to struggle with weight when they get older. There are medical facilities like Dr. Burkenstock’s Louisian skin care practice where you can have your DNA tested to get a clearer picture of what’s keeping you from losing weight. With a quick swab of the cheek and a series of questions and answers, doctors can determine your thyroid function, gut health, hormone levels, and amino acid balance which can assist you in creating a more personalized and effective plan for weight loss. With the right support, purchase of the right vitamins and supplements, and lifestyle changes, you can reach your weight loss goals. 


Most medications come with side effects that range in severity. There are certain medications that are common for causing weight gain in patients. For instance, if you’re taking birth control or antidepressants, chances are you’re going to put on some weight. This doesn’t mean that you should stop taking your medications, however. It simply means that you should visit your doctor to discuss this side effect and how it’s impacting your life. Your doctor may be able to switch you to another medication or look to other treatment options with fewer side effects. 


As you get older, staying at a healthy weight is of the utmost importance. What most people don’t realize about getting older is that their metabolism slows down. Unaware of this, they continue to eat the same amount of food they always have which packs on the pounds. Lowering your calorie intake and incorporating whole, organic foods into your diet can help to shed the pounds in this case. 


For those who lead hectic lives, you may want to take into account how much the stress is adding to your weight. When you’re stressed it is very common to have irregular eating patterns, to binge eat as a means of coping with your emotions, and craving of foods you really shouldn’t have. The stress hormone is known as cortisol, when present in large amounts also greatly increases your appetite. 

Getting rid of stress isn’t easy either. You have to take a real look at your life and identify the key triggers of stress. This could be parenting, your job, your personal relationships, your finances, etc. Once you’ve identified the triggers of stress, start working on ways to simplify them. You can ask for assistance with raising the kids from relatives, talk to your employer about your workload or how to make your job easier, go to a therapist to sort through your personal relationships, and develop an effective debt repayment plan and budget to get your finances in order. 

It’s also good to know how to reduce stress in those instances where you can’t avoid it. There are a lot of ways to do this. However, the main objective is to get your mind and body in a relaxed state. Think of things that you like to do to relax. Take a nap, read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, or take a vacation if you need one. You can also try daily relaxation methods like meditation and yoga. 

If you’re overweight, obese, or simply want to achieve an ideal body type but have been struggling to shed the extra pounds, it could have less to do with your diet and exercise routines and more to do with the factors listed above. Try the solutions listed above to see if this makes a difference in your efforts to look and feel your best. 

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