What is the Best Oil for a Facial Cleansing?

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Many people nowadays are more concerned with moisturizing the face that they forget one of the essential steps of proper skin care: facial cleansing. The usual practice would be to wash the face with soap and water or to take off makeup with wet wipes. This is not enough. You need to cleanse your face in the real sense of the word.

If you wear makeup to school or work, you will have to clean your face at the end of the day, before going to bed. Moreover, even if you do not wear makeup but spend much time exposed to different environments, you still need to do some serious facial cleansing at night. Imagine yourself not doing so and then realizing that all the dirt and grease you encountered while you were outside. How would you feel about that?

Facial cleansers should be used daily. Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansers should be a skin care routine fixture; not just an option. If you have not tried using one yet, you will need to decide what form to choose. There are quite a lot of options available for you: foaming gels, balms, creams, micellar waters, wipes, and oil. The cleanser that’s ideal for your lifestyle and your skin type is what you should choose.

Who Needs Facial Cleansing Oils?

Everyone will benefit from using cleansing oils, especially those who wear makeup every day. Those who are regularly exposed to harsh environmental factors like dust and smoke are also advised to use oils for cleansing the face.

No matter what your skin type is, cleansing oils can do many tricks for you. However, those with dry skin will benefit more from using it regularly.

Most cleansing oils are made for adults, but there are now various skin care companies that manufacture those that are made specifically for the sensitive skin of teens and children.

What Is A Facial Cleansing Oil?

The most common facial cleansers are gels and foam washes. However, if you want one that works for all skin types, the best thing to do is to choose the cleansing oil.

Facial cleansing oils work with the concept that “oil dissolves oil.” The skin has natural lubricants that produce oil. When used as a facial cleanser, they dissolve the skin’s pore-clogging oil. As such, facial cleansing oils contain good oils that push away the bad oils. So no matter what your skin type is, these oil cleansers can do the job for you.

Normally, facial cleansing oils are massaged into the skin. These cleanser oils attach themselves to the surface dirt. However, since these oils do not go deep into your pores, there is no clogging while all the dirt on your skin is removed. As such, the impurities are washed off. Moreover, the natural pH balance of your skin is left untouched, so the natural oils are not stripped away.

So, there is no reason for people with oily skin to stay away from facial oil cleansers. In the same manner, those with sensitive, normal, and dry skin should try using oil cleansers for their face. Also, these cleansers cannot and will not cause you to develop blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, among others.  In fact, facial oil cleansers have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and are made from essential oils that are naturally antibacterial.

There is a specific way of using the best oils for face cleansing. Along with the oil, you will need a soft washcloth. This is what you use to massage the oil on your face. For the best results, the oil should stay on your skin for at least 30 seconds. After which, you need to use the washcloth to wipe away the oil. Along with it, you will also be wiping away all the dirt, grease, and other impurities stuck on your face.

Choosing the best oils for face cleansing means determining which type or variety is best for your skin type.

If you have normal to dry skin, the ideal cleansers for your face are shea oil and argan oil. These oils hydrate your skin well without making it greasy.

People with oily skin should go for peppermint oil or a small amount of tea tree oil. Use any of these oils with castor oil for the best results. Peppermint and tea tree oils are rich in astringent properties that are essential for proper oily skin care.

Extra virgin olive oil-based facial cleansers are also ideal, especially if you are looking for one that has a significant number of vitamins and antioxidants.

People with acne-prone skin can also (safely) use facial oil cleansers. They are better than harsh cleansers that have the tendency of over-cleansing and drying the skin.

Aside from cleansing the face, facial oils are also ideal to use as makeup removers.

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