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When your home foundation is at risk or damaged, you get help from a structural repair company. Professionals inspect your space and then talk about some foundation repair product about which you have little or no idea. Technical names of these products often confused homeowners. However, one should know about the product he will buy for the structural repair of his home. It’s time to get a clear understanding of some products used by repair service providers.

Helical Piers

The name of this product is a bit technical, but it’s nothing but large screws. They are put in place by professionals where they work as anchors to resist a force causing tension or compression or both. These large screw-like products offer support for setting stairs, chimneys, steps, porches, and other structures. Another name of Helical Piers is ground anchors. So, they are set in-ground for added support to the overall structure.

Helical Tiebacks 

A team of foundation repair company Minneapolis requires you to spend money on Helical Tiebacks only when your home has an unstable or weak basement or retaining walls. Hydrostatic pressure in the soil often leads to leaning walls. When experts install Helical tiebacks in your basement and walls, this product instills opposite pressure to cancel out hydrostatic pressure.

Steel or Push Piers

When your home structure sinks, then a professional requires you to buy steel pr push piers. They are ideal products used in case soil is compacted due to the overall weight of the structure. Heavy stakes or steel piers are derived beneath the structure into load-bearing soil. Experts lift the home foundation back to its previous height with the means of a hydraulic lifting system. So, your home structure doesn’t sink anymore.

Slab Piers

When your home has a slab foundation, then the technician relies on slab piers. They are used to boost structure stability. When a home is unsettling, experts lift it to its previous position through this home foundation repair product.

 Crawl Space Stabilizers

Do you have sagging floors in your crawl space? Once you waterproof your space through encapsulation or vapor barriers, you should consider getting stabilizers. Whether you have a saggy floor in the basement or crawl space, a high-quality stabilizer helps you lift it up and retain the structure’s integrity.

Wall Anchors

Foundation repair companies in Minneapolis usually require wall anchors to deal with bowing and cracking walls in your basement. The anchors are used to straighten the balls. Anchors are a combo of steel wall plates and thread rods cross-shaped. They are set in very stable soil away from home. Once they are correctly installed, they offer a lateral force for wall stability.

IntelliBrace™ Beams

Sometimes, your repair expert can’t dig exterior soil for anchor setting. So, they need to look for an alternative solution that comes in the form of these beams. When the exterior installation isn’t the option on the plate, they rely on IntelliBrace beams to stabilize tilting walls, bowing walls, cracked walls, etc. These beams are quite practical and durable.

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