Everything You Need to Know About Kratom Tea

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What is Kratom Tea?

Some of you may know about the variety of ways in which you can consume kratom. Tea is one of those popular methods which has lately gained a lot of momentum. Many people have gone on to replace their morning coffee and tea with kratom tea.

Consuming kratom as tea has myriad benefits to offer which we will discuss later in this post.

Essentially, kratom tea is exactly what it sounds like. The preparation method is more or less the same as that for making regular/green tea. The effects can be anywhere from mildly stimulating, energizing to invigorating.

What to Expect in Terms of Kratom Effects?

Kratom tends to have a variety of effects when consumed in different ways. For instance, if you use it in the form of liquid extract or raw leaf; you’re likely to experience a different intensity and range of effects than that from kratom tea.

That’s because when you boil kratom, many of its essential alkaloids get released in the water. That means they are more readily available for absorption by the body. It’s way more bioavailable and reaches the bloodstream a lot more rapidly.

The effects tend to kick-in a lot faster too. While some argue that heating will destroy/damage the alkaloids, the final range of effects continues to be quite potent.

The biggest difference in effects when you consume kratom as tea compared to the ‘tossing n washing’ method, is that the effects tend to be more stimulating in nature. The pain-relieving properties are also reduced a little at the same time.

Most users feel that the mood-enhancing and euphoric effects are enhanced with tea consumption. Taking kratom powder on an empty stomach tends to amplify those effects. It could be due to the rapid quick absorption of alkaloids by the body when you consume it as tea.

If pain management and mild sedation are what you’re aiming for, then we suggest consuming kratom raw and not in the form of tea. However, if you’re aiming to boost your mood and elevate your energy levels, then the tea is ideal for you.

Often many users would experience ‘the wobbles’ which is common with kratom as a straight powder dose. Surprisingly enough, when you take kratom as tea, you can avoid feeling ‘wobbly’.

 What Benefits To Expect From Kratom Tea?

  • May Help Indigestion – Abdominal cramps, bloating, constipation – all of these are common gut-related issues that many people struggle with. If you also constantly fight with any of such issues, then you’re likely to experience relief from kratom consumption. It’s a much safer option than resorting to over-the-counter pills or medication which often accompanies a bunch of uncomfortable side-effects. Kratom tea is a far more natural way of improving indigestion and gut-related issues. Furthermore, kratom tea may ease intestinal discomfort all the while boosting metabolism.
  • Can make you energized – Kratom tea is best consumed on an empty stomach. Make sure you haven’t had a heavy meal prior. Doing so will awaken you and put you in an energized mode where you suddenly feel a surge of motivation and elevated levels of focus. If you’re prone to feeling sleepy and tired quickly, switch to kratom tea instead of grabbing coffee or regular tea. Kratom tea is an excellent beverage to start your day; given you pick the right, energizing strain.
  • Pain management – By far the #1 reason why the majority is drawn to kratom as such a promising herb is because of its ability to effectively manage certain kinds of chronic pains. While there’s not much research available on this subject, some studies do suggest kratom’s pain-management properties. Pains like menstrual cramps, sore muscles, bodily discomfort, and few chronic pains may see some improvement after the consumption of kratom. You can check out this page where people talk about more than promising reviews on how kratom helped them with years of chronic pains and discomforts.
  • Mood-Enhancer – Since kratom tends to ‘wake you up’, it also releases a bunch of happiness hormones such as endorphins. Endorphins – as we all know – is a type of peptide that tends to activate the opiate receptors in the brain. That induces a feeling of relaxation and happiness. If you frequently experience episodes of anxiety and depression, you may suddenly feel better about life. A sense of optimism may kick-in after you drink kratom tea.
  • May improve sleep quality – Some kratom strains can relax you. That means, your train of thoughts may slow down for the moment. This may invariably make you fall asleep a lot faster; especially if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. Kratom in itself may not manage sleep-related issues and insomnia. These effects are inadvertent.

How to make the tea taste better:

  • You can add a bunch of sweaters like sugar, stevia, or honey
  • You can add a base green tea like Yarba, chamomile, or green tea
  • For a citrusy kick, you may add lemon towards the end.

 How Long Are Kratom Tea Effects Likely to Last?

When consumed as a powder, kratom effects are likely to last up to six hours. However, in the case of tea, the longevity of the effects will be altered. It could be reduced to 3 hours, tops. All of this will largely depend on the kind of strain you pick. Some strains might be more potent than the others.

But, even then, the effects are not likely to last beyond the 3rd-hour mark.

You can try a bunch of strategies to potentiate the effects and make them last longer –

  • Pick and choose a potent strain.
  • Make sure to brew the tea for a longer time so alkaloids can seep for a longer time.
  • Go for enhanced kratom strains.
  • Make sure to consume it on an empty stomach; always.
  • Use a moderate dose; do not go for too low or too high a dosage.
  • Avoid having meals before drinking the kratom tea.

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