Everything You Need To Know About Lactose Free Meal Replacement Shakes

lactose Free Shake

Let’s begin with a short insight to the world of diet additives. As a rule, such items are used within a diet to procure necessary nutrients to the body. However, some of them perform other functions like burning fat, reducing cravings, and so on. The task of the present article is not to find out the least or most powerful weight loss supplement but to introduce a special division of merchandise that occupy own niche in the vend.

As you know or should know, protein is the core element of any diet substance. It is the key component for undertakings aimed at body mass reduction. So, the quality of this element is the decisive factor of the overall performance of the stuff. If you read reviews of top MR shakes like 18Shake or Yes Shake, you will discover one similar feature namely the availability of whey protein. Actually, it is deemed the most performant type of currently existent ones. However, it has one small feature that cannot guarantee the total prevalence in the field. This type of the essential nutrient is produced from milk. On this account, users suffering from lactose intolerance are unlikely to take whey in spite of all its benefits. Therefore, let’s review the alternative solution and discover the lactose-free protein in MR products.


If you need lactose-free product for weight loss purposes, pay attention to other origins of this core element such as soy and plants. The market offers multiple solutions with these protein versions. The plant-based one is what you need to go into at first. Since soy-based shakes raise doubts regarding the efficiency and safety, plant sources are more preferable. As an example, look at Pure Trim drinks that contain protein originating from pea and brown rice.


In addition to the above-mentioned lactose-intolerant users, there is another category of customers highly engaged in such products. It refers to vegans. While vegetarians have nothing against dairy products, vegan users avoid any lactose-containing food. Due to the recent increased popularity of following vegan principles, manufacturers of MR shakes based on plant protein risk to enjoy a flow of new customers.


Naturally, vegetable origin options are not as effective as its lactose-containing analogs. The major problem of non-dairy protein is the absence of key essential amino acids (AA). For example, protein from hemp offers such AA as alpha-linolenic, gamma-linolenic, and omega-3. Brown rice supplies enough methionine. On this account, the best solution of vegetable protein drink is the mix of versatile sources. However, even a quality mix cannot compete with milk-based protein on comparable terms.


Another important feature of lactose-free merchandise to mention is their poor taste. If some user claims that its product tastes delicious without adding extra sweeteners, do not believe it. Experience has shown that plant protein has a poor flavor and texture. Naturally, some additives may improve the overall taste but it will lag behind its major antagonist represented by whey.

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