Embracing the outdoors as a fitness approach amid COVID-19


It is no secret that COVID-19 has shaken and stirred (to put it mildly) practically every aspect of life as we know it. There is no denying that there have many many unimaginable shifts that have gone on in the world since the virus kicked into high gear, effectively forcing countries to shut their borders and workers to either be let go (temporarily or permanently) or shift to working from home for now. There have been so many big changes in individuals’ lives around the globe, all of which are important in their own right.

One area of life that many individuals are embracing more now that they obviously have more time on their hands is fitness. While everyone would ideally love to be in their best physical shape all the time, the simple fact is that modern life has been in many cases so chaotic that fitness has unfortunately not been a top priority (even though it should be). Now, as the self isolation laws and regulations continue to stay in place around the globe, individuals are finally paying attention to their health and fitness. From buying the best weight loss pills online to exercising every day just to get outside for a while, this is COVID.

Embracing the outdoors

The outdoors have always been the most picturesque way to get in one’s daily dose of exercise, however with life being so busy it goes without saying that a lot of individuals have not necessarily had the time to get outdoors as much as they would like to. Now, as the virus has forced people indoors for most (if not all) of the time, getting outside has never been a more attractive option to the masses. More than ever, individuals around the globe are finally embracing the great outdoors for all that it has to offer – and getting fitter in the process.

The beauty of the natural world

The natural world has a beauty that, quite honestly, cannot be mirrored by humanity. We have tried to replicate it many times (often with varying degrees of longevity and success), however there just is nothing in all the world quite like the natural world. Whether it is going for a hike through the forest or riding one’s bike through a national park (to name just a few examples of pursuing fitness in the great outdoors), there is a lot to be said about how the natural beauty of a setting can drive individuals to exercise more – especially now in times like this.

Finding the balance in this new reality

It is, of course, a delicate balance to find in this newfound reality, especially given the fact that the restrictions around what an individual can and cannot do are changing every other day. At the present time, however, one of the only near-constants is that of essential exercise. Fitness is a priority not only for individuals around the globe now, but also governments as they allow their people to exercise every day as long as they are practicing social distancing. Embracing the outdoors as the ultimate fitness approach has never been easier in many ways.

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