Does Liposuction Surgery Make Difference in Your Body Shape


Liposuction surgery currently is the most sought-after cosmetic surgery in most countries. Down the years, liposuction surgery techniques have become safer and less invasive. Even the post-operative discomfort has reduced to a great extent. Liposuction has also become popular as there is minimal scarring and helps get rid of excess fat tissue from the abdomen, buttocks, flanks, thighs and other areas. Go for liposuction in Hyderabad or at a reputed clinic in your city to feel the difference in your body.

The Surgery Procedure

The surgery varies slightly depending upon the technique being used.  Two kinds of anesthesia are used local or general anesthesia which depends on the kind of surgical procedure done on the patients. Small incisions are made in the large target area. It is also true that if the target area is large then more incisions will be required. Small, fine hollow tubes called cannulas are then inserted into these incisions. The cannula is attached to a suction tube and it is swept through the target area, from where fat needs to be removed. The fat cells which are dislodged are then suctioned off and small drainage tubes are placed in the incisions to drain off the excess fluids that accumulate after surgery is completed.

Liposuction Risks

Overall liposuction surgery is safe, although it involves few risks associated with the surgeries ala’ any major surgeries. Before the surgery, your medical history will be looked into, whether you have conditions such as diabetes, breathing problems, high blood pressure, any allergic reactions to medicine or a history of smoking, alcohol or drug abuse. If a patient is suffering from such conditions then steps must be taken to bring it to normal levels, like for example if you are suffering from diabetes, then it has to be brought down to normal levels. Risks associated with the surgery are:

1) Infection

2) Scarring

3) Nerve and Organ damage

4) Asymmetrical fat removal

5) Shock

So you need to choose the right Liposuction clinic to minimize the liposuction risks associated with the surgery. 

Benefits of Liposuction

 Liposuction builds up the self-esteem of many people who are suffering from depression owing to the fact that they are unable to lose fat from particular areas of their bodies, despite exercising and eating right. There are several other benefits of liposuction like:

  • It removes the specific amount of fat you want to remove and in the right proportion.
  • It does not affect the nearby blood vessels and surrounding tissue.
  • The pain is bearable and the discomfort is considerably less in comparison to other surgeries.
  • The patient is able to recover quickly.

There are minimal liposuction side effects and most people can safely consider liposuction as an option to remove fat permanently.

Liposuction also known as lipo slims and reshapes the certain parts of the body by removing fat deposits and making your body shapely and proportionate. Most of the times the patients consider liposuction when the fat quotient of certain parts of the body do not reduce even after exercising and eating right.

 This is when liposuction comes to the scenario, helping to reduce the fat and helping you reach your desired body goals. You can achieve your new look by opting for a reputed clinic in your area.

Facts on Liposuction

There are a great many factors that have an impact on weight such as gender, lifestyle, age, and genetic factors all impact weight. A liposuction surgery involves removing about twenty pounds at a time from a very obese person. But liposuction should not be your first step towards achieving fat loss, the first step should always be lifestyle changes. Dietary restrictions coupled with exercise can help remove entire fat cells. But if you go beyond the individual eats more calories than the body can store with its current supply of fat cells, the body will create more storage space to accommodate the excess fat. So if you opt for a liposuction surgery in Hyderabad do not forget to keep a tab on your diet and fitness regimen.

After liposuction surgery, the new body’s shape is permanent as the fat cells once eliminated by the surgery do not grow back. If the patient does not put on excessive amounts of weight, then the newly acquired trimmed version of the previous body shape is permanent. Though liposuction won’t be able to stall the aging process and with it the changes it brings to the body but yes, it helps get you closer to your body goals.

Who are the best candidates for liposuction surgery? People who have excess fat in specific parts of the body and are not in proportion to the rest of their body.  Liposuction is a body sculpting surgery and not a weight loss solution. If a person is particularly overweight, he/she will be asked to lose weight before the actual surgery.

Who can Benefit from a Liposuction Surgery? – Make a Difference to Your Body Shape

The people who benefit from a liposuction surgery are the following,

  1. People who have lost a considerable amount of weight but still the weight does not budge despite putting in regular hours of exercise and following a healthy eating
  2. Women who have had children have a tendency to accumulate fat around certain parts of their body such as thighs, hips, and
  3. Men who have unsightly ‘love handles,’ that accumulate on the hips and around the chest region.
  4. Female patients should go for liposuction before their pregnancies as it delivers better results as when the fat storage is removed before the surgery, they are less likely to expand post the surgery. It differs from case to case.

If you have a specific disorder such as bleeding or blood clotting disorders, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have other health issues such as cardiac and/or respiratory problems, then you must not go for liposuction.

Liposuction does make a difference on your body, but it does not suit everyone, So, are you an ideal candidate for liposuction? Find out by consulting with your doctor.

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