Does CBD Oil Really Work: Here’s What Research Has to Say So Far


CBD oil is all the rage. With several states legalizing marijuana and marijuana-based products, people are asking questions about the research. They want to know the facts rather than the propaganda spewed out by both sides.

So, in this guide we’re going to examine the research into CBD oil and whether the claims of the benefits of CBD oil are genuine.

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

One of the great moral panics regarding marijuana-based products is that they can be addictive. But with CBD oil this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The World Health Organization said in one report that CBD has no characteristics that could lead to abuse or dependency and there’s no valid study that indicates that consumption of pure CBD could become a problem.

The report further elaborates that CBD oil doesn’t give you a ‘high’.

CBD Oil Helps People with Anxiety and Seizures

A common benefit mentioned by proponents of CBD oil is how it helps people who suffer from seizures and anxiety. You can easily find videos proving the remarkable effects CBD has on people with seizures.

The research backs this up, and the FDA recently approved Epidiolex. It’s a medicine derived from cannabis and the first medicine to include CBD.

How CBD Improves Depression

Depression is a growing problem in the US, with 16.1 million American adults suffering from what’s known as major depressive disorder.

While it’s true that long-term use of CBD oil has not been well-studied yet, short-term studies point to tremendous effects on anxiety and depression. Remember that many Americans who suffer from anxiety also suffer from depression.

So, there’s a link between the two, therefore doctors are continuing to investigate how CBD can be used to treat depression in the long-term.

CBD Oil and Helping Cancer Patients

There have been some remarkable studies into how CBD can slow and/or control the growth of cancer cells.

We know that the ingredients within cannabis can be helpful when it comes to coping with traumatic cancer treatment. That’s why most states now allow the use of cannabis for medical reasons.

But CBD oil does have the benefit of helping cancer patients deal with PTSD, anxiety, and the many other side effects associated with undergoing strong cancer treatment.

It’s true that studies are limited, and we don’t know if CBD and the other chemicals in cannabis can stop cancer, but it’s an exciting strand of science, nonetheless.

Last Word – Can You Use CBD for Everyday Use?

Most research focuses on how CBD can be used by people suffering from serious illnesses. But can it be used for everyday use?

For anxiety and helping to relax, the research is clear. CBD oil, used in various forms, can be enormously beneficial for getting through the day.

There are so many online groups and communities that can educate you on how CBD oil can be used in everyday life. If you want to learn more about CBD oil these are the places to go!

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