Dehydrated Food for Snack Time

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Dehydrated food can be tested all round a year even if there is no season of that food/vegetable. Even frozen vegetables can be dehydrated. There is a long list of vegetables that you can preserve in the form of dehydrated food. Some name in the list is cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, green beans, celery, mushrooms, pears, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, butternut squash, and zucchini. You can enjoy them with your soup as a snack. These snacks are not only tasty but also healthy as their nutritional value is being preserved in the process of dehydration.

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Dehydrated food has been a tradition of Indian families.  Remember the days of summer and you will get the idea of how dehydrated food has been prepared. Our mother and grandmother prepare some food items that can be consumed in the rainy and winter season.

With the advancement of science, new machines are being invented by scientists. Nowadays, there are various machines available on the market. You can easily dehydrate food items or fruits in the form of snacks in order to preserve them and eat them in their offseason.

Dehydrator machine is a kitchen use ultimate food device which is used to remove moisture from your food. In this process, your food is not only preserved but also it can be stored for a longer duration (2-3 years) without even losing nutrients. This machine can be used to prepare crispy nuts and seeds, to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouted flour, and flowers. By using these advanced machines, food items can be dehydrated and eaten as snacks or made in some dehydrated snack recipe.

There are various dehydrated recipes that will change your diet habits in the form of healthy snacks. 

Sun-dried tomatoes:
As the name indicates, sun-dried tomatoes can be prepared easily with the help of sunlight. Summer season is ideal in the preparation of dried tomatoes. In the process, the water of the tomatoes is sucked by the sunlight but the nutrient value of tomato ingredients preserved in the process. Make sure you keep these tomatoes in the dry place. It can be a part of your snacks at the time of breakfast or these tomatoes can be consumed along with your meals.


  • Slices of tomatoes
  • Some amount of chopped Herbs, if needed.
  • Sea Salt
  • screen mesh frame on which tomatoes will be kept (to keep bugs off)

Crispy green bean chips

Crispy green beans are rich with proteins. Chips made from green beans are comparatively costly when you buy it from the market. It can also be preserved as canned or pickled food. You can easily dehydrate green beans under sunlight. It is one of the best-dehydrated foods that you must have in your meals. However, it must be prepared properly as there is a possibility that the right amount of ingredients may not be mixed properly or the dry process of the chips may not be done effectively.


  • Green beans
  • garlic powder
  • Kosher salt
  • olive oil
  • red pepper flakes (Pinch of crushed)
  • Fresh black pepper
  • Ranch dressing(for dipping process)

Homemade snap pea chips:

It is a healthy snack with lots of calories that you can enjoy in your leisure time. It has been made from sun-dried peas which contain all essential nutrients.

You can make these chips by baking in an oven or with the help of food dehydrator machine. The list of ingredients by which snap pea chips can be made is given below:

  • Onion or Garlic Powder
  • Snap peas, frozen or fresh
  • Sea salt
  • Oil
  • Nutritional yeast

Buffalo cauliflower bites  

One of the most qualified appetizers you are looking for!  These spicy, yummy bites are baked and smothered with a hot sauce. It can be a great replacement for vegetarians who can’t enjoy a non-vegetarian snack! It’s crispy, spicy, savory, healthy, tasty and easy to prepare too!


  • Large head cauliflower which later is cut into florets
  • Edible oil
  • flour
  • garlic powder
  • milk
  • breadcrumbs, if needed
  • buffalo sauce or hot sauce
  • Oil or butter spread

Dehydrated Garlic:

Garlic is an herb that has been used in a different form since our ancestors’ age. It can be stored in the form of powder with the process of dehydration.  It can be used as a medicine as well as in cooking with this powder form.

The medicinal use of gingers can be stated given below:

  • Strengthening of your arteries
  • It controls your pre-meal sugar in case of diabetes
  • It controls your blood pressure
  • It controls your cholesterol level
  • It is useful to recover from prostate cancer

The process of garlic powder involves a choice of the quality cloves of garlic, peeling it, chopping it and placing of the chopped garlic into the dehydrator.

Baked dehydrated apple chips:

The secret of preparation of this tasty and healthy snack is that the dehydration of apple chips is that it has been baked at a very low temperature for a longer duration. In this baking process, slowly and surely, dehydration takes place that ensures the essential nutritional value should remain intact. 


  • Thinly and cored apple slices
  • Sugar
  • Ground cinnamon

Some dehydrated Mushroom Recipes

Probably, Mushrooms are the most consumed dehydrated food product. Why? Naturally, it is a rainy seasoned product without the long-lasting in its natural condition. So it has to be preserved in another form. Dehydration is the answer to all the problems for serious mushroom lovers! Let us see some of the hot favorite dehydrated mushroom dishes available in the market.

  1. Yogurt dressing Mushrooms with red cabbage
  2. Wild Mushrooms with thyme and savory barley soup
  3. Combination of wild Mushrooms and wheat risotto
  4. Dried Risotto of Wild Mushrooms
  5. Soup of wild Mushrooms
  6. Combination of Chicken Tenders along with Wild Mushrooms
  7. Peas and wild Mushrooms Risotto
  8. Stew and Pork wild Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms are one of the best compliments you can add in your meals. It gives us a rich meat-free feeling, especially for vegetarians. The flavor of dried mushrooms is awesome and can be the best colleague for your sautés and sauces!

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