Decorating Eggs Key Part of Easter Tradition

Easter coloring

What would Easter be without family egg decorating? That’s not something most people would even consider, according to a new survey from PAAS®, America’s favorite egg-decorating brand.

Instead, the survey, conducted by Suzy, Inc., found that egg decorating is an integral part of the holiday, with nearly half (49 percent) of those who celebrate Easter choosing to participate in the tradition. The reason for doing so:  a desire for family time, whether that’s making family memories (56 percent), looking for a fun family activity (54 percent) or wanting quality family time (53 percent).

“In today’s busy and sometimes stressful times, people are looking for opportunities for togetherness,” said Patsy Fox, CMO, PAAS®. “Egg decorating does just that, creating moments of connection while bringing families together.”

In addition to the reasons for decorating, the survey also took a closer look at how people engage in decorating, what they enjoy about it (and don’t), and other holiday favorites. Key findings included the following:

  • When it comes to decorating, 81 percent plan to purchase a kit to help them in their endeavor.
  • Convenience (64 percent), ease of use (59 percent) and tradition (40 percent) are the typical reasons people purchase egg decorating kits.
  • PAAS® was overwhelmingly the favorite egg decorating brand
  • The least favorite part of decorating? That would be accidentally cracking the egg, at 41 percent.
  • Purple is the leading favorite Easter egg color at 31 percent, followed by blue at 24 percent, pink at 19 percent and green at 10 percent.
  • And the good news is those decorated eggs don’t go to waste, with 66 percent saying they eat their decorated eggs, 42 percent use them in egg hunts, 36 percent enjoy displaying their creativity, and only 10 percent throw them away.

“With kids spending so much time on their phones, video games and social media, it’s heartening to see families are still interested in Easter traditions such as egg decorating,” Fox said. “At PAAS®, our focus is on inspiring simple moments together. Egg decorating is a two-handed activity that inspires you to put your phone down and enjoy time together. And it doesn’t matter if your creation is perfectly imperfect – it’s about the moment – not the masterpiece.”

That’s why the company offers a variety of kits designed to meet the needs and interests of a variety of consumers.  These include the following:


  • Traditional Kits – The PAAS® Deluxe, Classic and Color Cup kits allow families to create a full spectrum of colored eggs.
  • Craft Kits – Want to color whip your eggs? Add some sparkles or speckles? Or create neon tie-dyed eggs? The PAAS® craft kits help users create their own one-of-a-kind works of art.
  • Eggsperiment: Active Volcano – This kit allows users to dye their eggs by lowering them into an overflowing volcano
  • Craft-A-Scene – These kits, which come in multiple versions, offer not only dyes and decorations to create character eggs, but also different backdrops that can be used to create a stop motion movie using the downloadable free PAAS® Stop Motion App.
  • Themed Eggs – These include Dino Eggs, Forest Friends, Rides and Superheroes kits that allow families to bring these characters to life.

“We are passionate about creating new and fun ideas for an unforgettable egg decorating experience,” Fox said. “We make sure our PAAS® kits inspire a fun activity for the family to do together – with a dash of imagination, education and participation for all age levels.”

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