Creating an outdoor space perfect for your positive wellbeing

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An outdoor space can bring so much positivity into your life if you spend a little bit of time and effort getting it right. Life can be somewhat overwhelming, so having a space in which you can relax or focus on your wellbeing is fantastic. Continue reading for our top tips on how to perfect yours.

Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants can look stunning if you choose the right ones, and you keep on top of the weeding. However, their purpose does not have to simply be to be aesthetically pleasing. Flowers and plants can have certain qualities that will promote positive wellbeing. For example, lavender is said to have calming properties, promoting positive sleep habits. It is also fantastic for lowering heart rate and blood pressure, helping to reduce levels of anxiety.

Mint and basil are also excellent choices if you have an herb garden. Not only are they wonderful in your meals, but they also help to deter those pesky insects, including mosquitoes. For those of you who suffer from hay fever, investing in some low-pollen plants can make a huge difference. Clematis, foxgloves and African lilies are good options.

Items of interest

Adding some items of interest will help boost creativity and could also help with your wellbeing by offering a calming effect. Our favorite piece by far is an outdoor water fountain like one of these from Outdoor Art Pros. Not only can they look stunning and be a sure-fire conversation starter, but the trickling sound of the water can be soothing. This can help to alleviate stress levels and assuage any anxiety you may have.

Art on the walls or fences can also have a hugely positive impact on the vibe created by your outdoor space. You could buy something ready to hang or, for those of us who have a creative side, try making your own. Use leftover wood to create a giant star, for example. This would be cheap and cheerful, but it would certainly make a big impact.


Humans are, by nature, social creatures. We thrive, most of the time, on the company of others. Spending quality time with family and friends can boost our mood. If your patio space is run down, this may be a cause for concern and add stress to your life. Spend a little time cleaning down the slabs with a pressure washer. Add a splash of color with the addition of some bright flowers in funky plant pots. Add a barbecue, and you are guaranteed to have plenty of fun days and evenings with loved ones. What could be better for your wellbeing? If you prefer your own company, it would be the perfect area in which to relax, sipping on a glass of wine as the sun goes down on a warm summer evening.

Wooden items

To help support low anxiety levels, ensuring that your outdoor space does not distract your mind from relaxation is important. If your fence panels or gates are a little worse for wear, you ought to give them a decent lick of paint. This will allow you to fully relax more easily. Don’t forget to check any wooden garden furniture you have as well.

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