Creating a Wellness Routine that Works


As we emerge from the pandemic and experience another new normal, prioritizing our overall wellness will be key for maintaining our health. A recent survey from California Almonds conducted among 6,000 U.S. adults (18+ years) found that most American adults (64%) consider wellness an important part of our lives, but less than half (47%) admit to practicing wellness rituals daily. In the same survey, almost all agree that feeling refreshed (57%), happy (56%), energized (52%), and – above all – good about ourselves (68%) are the key benefits of a wellness routine. While we recognize why it’s good for us to incorporate a wellness routine, many are still struggling to infuse self-care into their day-to-day. To help others achieve their wellness goals, Megan Roup, wellness expert and trainer, has partnered with California Almonds to share her tips on how to create a routine that can fit into any individual way of life and help you be your best self.   

As a new mom, founder of The Sculpt Society and celebrity trainer, Megan realized her pre-pandemic schedule wasn’t sustainable for the long-term, allowing her to discover the importance of finding balance and creating a well-rounded routine. Within her wellness rituals, she wanted to find a smart snack to fuel her mind and body amid her busy schedule, which is when she began eating almonds regularly. Paired with daily movement, snacking on almonds has been a go-to for Megan to feel her best all-around. They’re packed with seven essential vitamins and nutrients for the ultimate nutritious snack, including magnesium to aid in the production of energy in the body and antioxidant vitamin E to benefit skin health. In curating a routine with new elements that help improve her overall wellbeing, Megan created a few tips to help others do so as well:

  • Remember to Rest: It can become a never-ending cycle of putting pressure on ourselves to achieve something every day. But if all you decide to do is rest during the day, then there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, according to the same survey, many of us (69%) agree that taking time to relax or meditate is a top priority in maintaining overall wellness.
  • Dance It Out:  My favorite way to get daily movement in is through dance with The Sculpt Society, because it caters to any level dancer. For most of us (70%), exercising in general is another top priority in our wellness routines, as found in the same survey. When working out, don’t forget to pair physical activity with smart snacking on foods like almonds. They offer 6 grams of plant-based protein, 13 grams of unsaturated fat and 1 gram of saturated fat along with vitamin e and magnesium in just one handful (1 oz), making them the perfect pre workout snack.
  • Better Food, Better Mood: I like to give my body the food that helps me be my best self. The wellness survey also identified that the majority of us (73%) agree healthy eating is a must in wellness routines, which is why almonds are my go-to mid-day snack when I need a little extra pep as they’re a natural energy source. They perfectly combine taste, health and convenience into one simple snack, filled with nutrients for feeling your best.

“If you want to create a routine that works for you, you need to make sure it’s sustainable to your lifestyle,” said Megan. “My motto is ‘commit to less, so you can show up more.’ Give yourself permission to satiate a sweet tooth with chocolate covered almonds and be proud of yourself for completing a 10 minute quickie workout without guilt. Wellness is meant to be individualized, and over time consistent small changes will create results.”

As we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, prioritizing self-care and wellness routines post-pandemic is crucial, and the same survey found many of us (74%) plan to continue doing so. When exploring new activities to add in our wellness routines, snacking on almonds has been found to impact the other things that promote our wellbeing, meaning almond eaters are generally more likely to incorporate things like getting enough rest/sleep (53%), exercising regularly (59%), and eating healthy (58%) in their routines.

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