What to Do If Cough Does Not Go Away


Experiencing an unhealthy condition a person perceives the surrounding circumstances and the environment in dark shades. Colors of nature seem faded; birds singing seems sorrowful and so on. For this reason, people try to avoid unsound medical condition by all means.

Fortunately, a cough is not a sickness or illness but it can be a symptom of a developing disease. As a rule, the body attempts to get rid of some irritation in breathing passages through a cough. Besides, some substances may obstruct both input and output of the air coming to/from the lungs. Hence, the irritation causes the air to blow out under high pressure.

Such condition can be triggered by an infection like cold, acute bronchitis, sinus infection, pneumonia etc. A noninfectious character is a sequence of allergy, emphysema, asthma or chronic bronchitis. Different nature of a cough requires various types of treatment. In chronic cases, a patient has to expect a long-term treatment process, while temporary cases are much easier to cure.


When to Seek Medical Assistance

Sometimes the reason of a cough can be subtle requiring no professional medical assistance. However, the ignorance of certain signs can lead to adverse consequences. So, let’s review cases when you should consult a physician.

  • A patient experiences fever and expectoration;
  • Increase of a cough contrasted with the decrement of other symptoms;
  • Change of cough character;
  • Blood expectoration;
  • Rough or short breathing.

The above-mentioned cases evidence a serious violation of body functioning and require an immediate visit to a doctor or urgent care service like agurgentcare.com. Be careful since any delay in taking necessary measures can result in the development of serious disease and considerable deterioration in condition.

How to Relieve a Cough At Home

The more positive scenario of this ailment includes the temporary obstruction of respiratory ways or irritation of mucous coat. As a rule, a couple of coughs allow you to clear out the obstruction and restore normal breathing. In this case, the body cures itself without your help. However, a severe cough should be considered a symptom requiring your serious attention. The following measures taken at home can aid you to relieve a cough and improve your feeling healthy.

  • Make sure to consume water or some fluids in an abundant volume. This measure soothes irritation and softens mucous tunic. Recommended fluids include tea, juice, and warm water. It is also advised to use honey in combination with tea or warm water unless you have a honey allergy.
  • If a cough has taken you before or during the sleep, put several pillows or blankets to take up your head. This action lets you mitigate a dry cough.
  • In most cases, taking cough remedy should comply with the recommendation of your physician. However, there are many over-the-counter drugs in form of drops or candies designed to relieve a cough. As a rule, these medicines soothe the inflammation and cease your uncomfortable state.
  • Smoking in case of severe coughing is out of the question.

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