Cool Lime Hydrate, the newest flavor developed in collaboration with PGA star Justin Thomas

LivPur Nutrition Cool Lime Hydrate

LivPur Nutrition, a consumer-centric nutrition and wellness brand, is proud to launch Cool Lime Hydrate. Working hand-in-hand with 2-time major champion Justin Thomas, one of several LivPur Nutrition investors from the PGA and LPGA Tours, the newest product adds to a growing flavor profile across the brand’s hydration line.

“I’m excited to announce the launch of Cool Lime, my signature flavor in partnership with LivPur Nutrition. I love it because it provides rapid hydration with all the vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids that you’re looking for in a sports drink while being NSF Certified for Sport so you can enjoy it with confidence,” said Thomas.


“This type of collaboration speaks volumes for the personal investment Justin has in our products and brand. He uses our products both on and off the course, so when he wanted to partner on a new flavor for our hydrate line, it was a no-brainer,” said Michael Thorp, President of LivPur Nutrition. “We went through numerous variations of lime flavor profiles in order to dial-in on one that both Justin loved and our consumers provided great feedback on. It’s not only another great product offer for our fans, but truly a win-win in our relationship with Justin,” Thorp added.

LivPur Nutrition hydration products provide the peace of mind knowing the cleanest ingredients are going into your body. With a sodium & glucose transport system to hydrate faster, critical vitamins and electrolytes as well as 11 essential amino acids, you are able to fight fatigue, recover faster, improve athletic performance and help muscle growth.

Cool Lime Hydrate, along with all products across hydration, energy, recovery and protein lines, are available at

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