Common Natural Solutions for a Variety of Problems


With each google search, a multiplier of ads of those results shows up in our online views of similar products and services. Besides commercials, online marketing has taken over our attention span in recent years, providing both solutions and distractions from our actual purpose of spending time with technology. Finding solutions to any problem we now experience is as easy as searching for it, and taking action on the next step of procuring the remedy and using it. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of new and old solutions for most issues we come across in our lifetime. The Internet has provided infinite space and availability for people from all cultures, backgrounds, educational experiences and personal know-how to share solutions to problems and questions in even the most rare of needs. Plant medicine is a growing market, and growing body of documented experiences and research, as ancient medicinal practices and experiences are sought by people from all parts of the world. Let’s take a look at a few options that’ve become mainstreamed and popularized in recent years:

  1. Turmeric. This is a root, used in the Indian culture for thousands of years, that has immeasurable health benefits. It’s commonly used in mustard, so many have been consuming it from childhood, without realizing its deeper meaning and integration across the last 4000 years of history. Now, it’s everywhere, as it has become a known anti-inflammatory with no majorly experienced side effects. To be the most effectively processed in our bodies, it’s best taken in conjunction with the oil of freshly ground black pepper. It can be taken in capsule form, but like with most consumptive remedies, is usually best experienced when used in cooking so the full range of taste and digestion occurs. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of inflammation, whether directly or indirectly, you can explore turmeric as an inexpensive and very effective component to integrate into your lifestyle.
  2. CBD oil. With the recent legalization of hemp plants within last year’s farm bill, CBD oil is suddenly available to most people within the U.S., and closing in gaps with each election cycle to make it more widely available in all markets. It’s given freedom back to many that take it, for routine problems such as insomnia and anxiety, as well as larger challenges and the medical side diseases such as Alzhiemer’s, Autism, arthritis and a growing list of other health issues. CBD Products are now available in beverages, tinctures, creams and gummies. Even sleep and energy products are not available with CBD; companies like Tribe CBD have recently been highlighted in the press for their new line of Hemp based CBD beverage shots. CBD is being developed at a record rate for a myriad of useful solutions. From athletes, to those seeking pain relief, CBD oil has become a go-to option for many.
  3. Organic produce. While this may be outside of what most consider to be plant medicine, it can also be argued that it’s the most commonly used and available to everyone from all walks of life. Fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown in almost any type of space with the right materials and resources available, as well as purchased relatively inexpensively in most grocery stores and farmers markets. While this doesn’t traditionally fall under medicine, food is the most frequently consumed variety. 

Eating intentionally and planfully is one of the best routes on the lifelong path of optimal health and wealth. Choosing natural alternatives for most of life’s ailments, challenges and diseases has been brought back around into popularity, right alongside modernized medicine as society realizes many problems have simple solutions. Spending time in and around nature, as well as bringing nature into our bodies is something many write about, talk about and share about. Is it something you do?

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