Chips more Addictive Than Chocolate

In a national survey of over 2,779 people, Never Binge Again author and psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston found more than twice as many people had trouble overeating Chips, Pretzels, and Salty Snacks (34.9%) as compared to Sugar (17.8%), and three times as many when compared to Chocolate (11.6%), Cheese (10.4%), and/or Bread and Flour Products (11.2%).

“In my experience working with clients AND in previous surveys, people who binge on salty, crunchy snacks tend to be experiencing more stress at work, people who struggle with chocolate are more likely to be feeling lonely and/or heartbroken, and people who overeat bread and pasta can be very stressed at home,” says Dr. Livingston.

In his follow up questions with people who overeat chocolate (289 respondents or 11.6% of the overall sample), Dr. Livingston found they were significantly less happy with their life overall (49.9% “very happy” vs. 59.9% of the general population.)

“This is consistent with my clinical work, and with the understanding that chocolate may be a short-term antidepressant,” said Dr. Livingston. “But I don’t advise depressed or lonely people to overeat chocolate OR people stressed out at work to overeat crunchy snacks…”

“Rather, I encourage people to STOP overeating using practical strategies while they simultaneously address the underlying problems. You do NOT have to wait until you’ve solved your emotional problems to stop overeating. In fact, you may stop feeling as stressed or lonely when you take control of your health.”

Dr. Livingston also found people in the Midwest were about 11% more likely to report difficulty with Chips, Pretzels, and Salty Snacks, speculating this may have something to do with the fact obesity rates in that region are higher by about the same proportion.

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