CBD Products: Latest News and Regulatory Concerns

cbd products

CBD oil has gained a significant clientele across the world over the last few years. Global markets are loaded with a variety of CBD products. Right from CBD infused oils to CBD edible products, the range is ever growing.

However, even with the increasing assortment of CBD products being sold in the markets, there is no definite answer about its legal status yet. The levels of restrictions and legality vary in different countries and states.

The CBD industry is booming and have new events, regulations, and medical news on a daily basis. You should follow this CBD news channel to keep track on this amazing industry.

CBD’s working at the neurological level and health benefits

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is the non- psychoactive ingredient of the marijuana (cannabis) plant and has multiple proven health benefits. CBD is mostly promoted for its positive health impacts for treating anxiety, depression and related issues. However, according to the latest CBD news, there have been various pieces of research to show multiple other health benefits like reducing inflammation, joint pains, menstrual cramps, etc.

There are certain misconceptions about CBD causing marijuana-like “high”. However, scientific research proves that CBD is not the ingredient (within the marijuana plant) that causes the so-called “high”. Taking CBD products hence does not cause addictions like other psychoactive substances.

CBD works at the neural level by enhancing the signal transmissions within the brain. It boosts the transmission of serotonin signals which help in triggering mood enhancement hormones, thereby alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Medical Research

The world of CBD is extremely active with multiple studies and researches happening across the globe. Various human and animal studies have been conducted to test its efficacy in treating mental health related issues.

Latest CBD news suggests that most studies point to its positive health impacts in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, and chronic pain conditions.

FDA’s concerns

Even with so much happening in the CBD news world, there are certain concerns regarding its usage that have been raised by the FDA. According to the latest CBD news, FDA held its first public hearing for the product recently. While various people personally testified for the positive health impact of CBD, the lack of sufficient scientific data on the same was noted.

The lack of consensus on its benefits, the issues regarding the marketing of the CBD products and the need for more data on safety is a concern with the FDA.

While the farm bill passed last year ended the prohibitions on hemp, the regulatory clearances on CBD are yet to come. For the time being, only a few CBD related drugs have been approved by the FDA and are available on prescription.

The FDA’s concerns over the use of CBD in dietary supplements, food, and skin care products need careful consideration. While it may take time to come up with the appropriate regulatory guidelines for CBD’s usage, the future looks bright. More research and medical studies are needed to establish the long term effects of CBD.

With positive CBD news keeps floating in every now and then, the future definitely looks bright for CBD products.

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