CBD Enters The Corporate World- Know How The Executives Take CBD At Work


How hard is it to love your job? In spite of working in the niche of our interests, I bet all of us would have hated our jobs at some point of time. The pressures of performance, maintaining social circles, household chores, deadlines, personal life issues, and so much more consume us that it doesn’t matter if it’s our dream job. Am I right or am I right?

However, would you believe me if I say that I have not had a single frustrating day for a year now (I meant the kind of days where you have to cry to let it all out and begin again) and that I have fallen in love with my job in a way that nothing could affect my love for it?

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe. Many of my colleagues are even spying on me to get to know the secret to my easy breezy and yet productive attitude at work. Just kidding! They were upfront about the curiosity and I was honest with them as I will be with you. To my colleague’s disappointment, I was not on marijuana or any other high inducing substance but was religiously taking CBD.

Okay, Many Of You Might Know But Many Of You Might Not, So What Is CBD?

I don’t know about CBD but hardly any of you would need any introduction to cannabis, right? Cannabis is usually referred as the plant that gives you the high. But that’s not all.

Basically, cannabis is a genus parenting three different species, Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. All these species have components called cannabinoids which make the cannabis species what they are. To put in a plain language, cannabinoids are the building blocks of the cannabis species.

CBD is nothing but a cannabinoid. Yes, it’s that simple. The interesting thing is that it is not the only cannabinoid, cannabis contains more than a hundred cannabinoids which offer distinct health benefits. However, two of these cannabinoids have gained immense popularity, CBD, and THC.

The popularity of these cannabinoids can be credited to their individualistic properties. THC is that cannabinoid which makes marijuana what it is known for, a substance to experience the high. This is the cannabinoid which is believed to be the source of the psychotic changes that one experiences after smoking a joint and is therefore illegal. But more than that, THC has medicinal properties for which it is being hailed by the researchers and the patients of the medical marijuana program.

CBD has the spotlight on it ever since the Israeli researchers found out that it is a non-psychotic cannabinoid and may have the same health benefits as THC, only at a lower scale. This is the reason why CBD is allowed for consumption on a federal level. One of the benefits is relaxation which makes it apt for its use at work.

So that’s what CBD is, a non-psychotic cannabinoid which has been studied to have immense health benefits. Now, the beauty of the three cannabis species is that they all have different CBD to THC proportions. And they are also genetically modified to grow strains which are high on CBD and low on THC like industrial hemp from which most of the CBD products are made today.

You must be thinking that if CBD is surrounded by the constraints of legality and its source is itself the most controversial plant-cannabis, how to consume it at professional spaces? Well, here is how!

Most Convenient Ways Of Consuming CBD At Corporate Offices

First of all, consuming CBD is completely legal so the question is not whether you can or can’t take CBD but because there are many forms of CBD and not all might be comfortable, you must know what works for you better than the rest. So it’s more about in what form CBD could be comfortable to consume in a formal environment.

As I said, CBD is available in many forms. Let me brief you about some of the most common ones and whether they are apt for use at offices:

  • CBD Oils: CBD oils are by far the most common form of CBD. These tinctures are made with full-spectrum CBD and proffer an array of CBD concentrations making them more usable.

In fact, I started my CBD journey with oils. I started it sublingually and then tried vaping. I found its sublingual use rather messy and absolutely unsuitable for offices.

You have to be very careful with the number of drops and it becomes quite uninteresting to do that at a workplace. Vaping, on the other hand, can be an option for corporate CBD use if your company allows it.

So yes, there are constraints when it comes to oils which forced me to opt out of this method.

  • CBD Capsules: This is a comfortable form of CBD which you could rely on for consumption at professional spaces. All you have to do is pop a pill.

The reason it didn’t work for me is that it’s bland. There’s no taste and therefore there’s no fun. If its taste is not your priority, you can definitely go with CBD capsules.

Go for capsules if your priority is convenience and just that!

  • CBD Edibles: Now this is what I do, I pop a CBD edible every morning after settling down on my desk. Cute little gummy bears and froggies are the reason why I stay calm and approachable for the entire day. CBD edibles are the most convenient CBD products for corporate professionals.

There are a variety of edibles available with varying CBD levels. I have been using these edibles for a year now and believe me, there’s nothing else that I even want to try. I am that comfortable with CBD edibles now.

In all, you can trust CBD edibles for corporate CBD ingestion like I do and enjoy the bliss of your job.

There are numerous brands which offer CBD oil for sale online as well as offline. All you have to do is shop the correct brand. Here is the tip: Look for NO THC mark, make sure it is third-party lab tested, and look for the source of their hemp. If everything’s good, you are just a click away from getting your relaxing edible to wipe of the corporate woes!

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  1. Cola Cola and other major manufacturers want to add CBD to their products. Is that so good? It remains to be seen what the companies will do with the plant substance. CBD is incredibly healthy and has many healing properties.

    Greetings from Germany

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