Beauty is considered to be in the eye of the beholder. This section features articles that focus on natural tips for personal care issues. Topics include skincare, hair care, grooming, and other topics to help you look your best.

Beauty goes beyond skin deep. You will also find articles on such inner beauty topics such as personal self care, personality, and how you live your life.   

Just Put Some Windex On It?

Most women remember the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Tula awakes on her wedding day with a blemish the size of Mount Olympus in the middle of her face. But contrary to Read More

Beauty Myth Busters

Experts set the record straight on seven common misconceptions concerning beauty. More than likely you know that chocolate and French fries don’t cause acne, but did you get the surprising news that oil cures oily Read More

Gluten-Free Beauty

You may be surprised that gluten can find its way into your body through your cosmetics. Stomach pains, digestive problems, and headaches are just a few symptoms of what most people would characterize as gluten Read More

Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

Before you choose just any skin-care product off the shelf, it is important to know what ingredients the product contains. There are certain ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to skin, as well as long-term Read More

Radiant Skin

I’ve heard the question all my professional life: “How can I firm and lift my loose, aging skin?” Although plastic surgery might be the first solution you think of, the amount of money you would Read More

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