Revive Your Sex Life

Low libido is the No. 1 complaint of women experiencing sexual problems, and studies show that struggles with arousal are not rare: Between 30 and 43 percent of women experience some form of sexual dysfunction. Read More

A Recipe for a Healthy Sex Life

There’s an old adage that, when it comes to sex, men are like a microwave and women are like a crockpot. The crock-pot analogy works insofar as it goes: a crock-pot takes a while to Read More

Holistic Healing: Post-Trauma Stress

Waking up in the middle of the night, short of breath, heart racing and beating hard against the chest; feelings of panic, fear, and of wanting to crawl out of one’s skin. Restless obsessive thoughts Read More

Once Upon a Babymoon

No poolside margaritas or ceviche. No hot tubs or saunas. No horseback riding or waterskiing. Still, taking some time out as a couple before the baby arrives may turn out to be the vacation of Read More

Suzanne Somers’ Wellness Journey

When Suzanne Somers hit the entertainment scene in the late 60s and early 70s, the world had not completely addressed the dangers of hidden toxins invading nearly every inch of our environment. Today, our exposure Read More

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