Cashmere Moon Moisturizing Trio Box


FOR SKIN AS SOFT AS CASHMERE THAT Glows like the moon                                        1

Cashmere Moon makes it easy to maximize your skin’s potential with as many nutrient-rich ingredients as possible. You won’t find any fillers in any of their hand-crafted products—each one has a specific purpose in aiding moisture + nourishment to your skin.

Trio box includes: Whipped Body Cream, Vitamin C Whipped Hand Lotion, & Lavender Rose Glow Oil.

Clean. Nourishing. Necessary. This is how the developers  focuses on products. Developed for you with healthy skin and our planet in mind, we offer natural, skin-nourishing products. Products provide:

  • Head-to-toe hydration
  • Softens skin
  • Promotes healthy, radiant skin
  • Luxurious, clean body skincare products

Visit the Cashmere Moon website to learn more.  

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