Can Vaping Actually Help Quit Smoking Cigarettes

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Why do people vape? This is such a question that may sound stupid as well as astute. The answer should not be confined to personal preference. Before you decide something, you must understand what and why you are doing.  Regarding the same topic, an inquiry was performed called the National Youth Tobacco Survey in 2016. The report explained the top reasons for vaping. According to the survey, people vape because they are encouraged by their family members, they want to enjoy numerous flavors, and they want to quit smoking gradually. 

Among these three top reasons, quitting smoking is undoubtedly a positive vibe. However, is vaping really effective to leave smoking? In this article, we are going to discuss this issue and the real scenario of quitting smoking through vaping. Enjoy!

Vape vs cigarette

Smoking is considered harmful for years. However, vaping is the newest inclusion that hasn’t been discussed that much. Thus, it is frequently asked about the damaging level of both smoking and cigarettes.

As stated by Johns Hopkins Medicine, a cigarette usually contains about seven thousands of toxic chemicals. Nicotine is often mentioned among them, but people are still unaware of the others. On the other hand, vaping is found to be less harmful in several pieces of research. 

Smoking is marked as the primary cause of diseases like cancer, stroke, and organ damage. About half a million people die each year due to lung cancer in the United States, and smoking is considered responsible for this death.

Vaping, on the other hand, generates vapor using a different mechanism. It transforms the e liquid into vapor rather than burning tobacco. 

The ingredients of vape juice are less harmful in general. Some ingredients are even used in regular cooking, like vegetable glycerin. But, vape juices also contain nicotine; they are included in limited levels. Nicotine in vape juice is also harmful to your heart and lung, which result in cardiovascular diseases. 

If you analyze both of them, cigarettes are definitely much more harmful than vaping. It is also clear that vaping is not entirely safe because the nicotine in vape juices is also addictive.

Vaping without nicotine

Well, this should sound like a good idea to vape without nicotine. The concept was developed since some e-liquid manufacturers promoted nicotine-free vape juices. Those e-juices are claimed to include base liquids and flavors only. 

Nicotine free vaping is seen to be a great choice for hobbyist vapers who were not smokers. They vape because they want to enjoy the different flavors in vape juice like fruits, candy, menthol, milkshake, and more. Vaping is a fashion kit for many vapers who just want to show off. 

Vaping is also good to take a break from regular smoking. But, smokers may not like nicotine-free vaping since it won’t provide a strong throat hit and nicotine sensation. Besides, nicotine-free vaping is not a cool idea in the long term. 

Though there is not much research on nicotine-free vaping yet, several cases found that vapers are also affected by cardiovascular issues due to excessive vaping even without nicotine.

Final verdict

The overall discussion and resources indicate that vaping can help quit smoking or be taken as a break from heavy smoking. But, considering vaping as a complete alternative to smoking is the wrong idea. It may lead to going back smoking again if a smoker does not find sufficient throat hit and nicotine in vape juice. Quitting smoking takes your firm determination as well as proven tactics that will surely help. You can contact an expert like a psychiatrist to get professional advice.

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