Can Playing Games Reduce your Stress Levels?

In recent years, there has been a lot of research into the health benefits of gaming. It has been found that certain types of games can help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, others can improve cognitive function, while some can boost memory. Scientists have also discovered that gaming can help to lower your stress levels and combat depression. So if you’re feeling like things in your life are getting a bit too much for you, you may want to consider picking up a joypad or mobile, and indulging in some stress-relieving gaming.

So how can something which is known to raise excitement levels be used as a way to fight stress? It may come as a surprise, but research has found that playing video games is beneficial in this regard. In 2010, Associate Professor at Texas A&M Dr Christopher J. Ferguson found that people who played violent video games were able to adopt the mental skills required to handle stress, and would also get less hostile during stressful tasks.

Other studies have helped to back up Ferguson’s findings, such as the 2014 research conducted by Emily Collins and Anna L. Cox, which was published in the International Journal of Human Computer Studies. They found that playing video games after a hard day at work could help speed up the recovery from work-related stress that day. With this in mind, online first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty could be the ideal solution for combatting stress. The game series from Activision has a social element as well, which is one way of minimizing the risk of depression. For this reason, a number of online games from various genres now try to encourage interaction between players.

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There are many ways to reduce stress levels, but the news that video games can be a reliable option will doubtlessly please the masses. Being able to have fun playing a game while knowing that it is beneficial to one’s health is great. Especially seeing as though in the past some people were of the opinion that gaming too much was a bad thing. If you’re feeling like your job or relationship is too much for you, maybe it’s time to get gaming and reduce those stress levels.

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