Can Plants Make You Live Forever?

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How would you like to live forever? Maybe you’d like to be stronger, faster, and more agile while on this journey of immortality. If so, plants might be able to help you get there! Here’s some steps on how plants can help you reach your goals from Backyard Farming Supply.

Solutions where you might not expect
While no, you obviously can’t live forever, consuming certain organically grown foods may be able to help you live a healthier life and cut your chances of contracting serious illnesses, like cancer. With all these health benefits, it seems like getting some organic produce into your diet isn’t just another craze – it’s a way to protect yourself against disease and illness. If you’re worried about where to start, start with what’s most available in your area. Apples are always abundant in fall, so they’re an easy place to start adding more fruit into your diet. Eating plant-based dishes is also a great option that many people don’t take advantage of but are happy when they do.

Longevity is better understood in insects
By better understanding insect longevity, scientists hope to unlock insights into extending human life. For example, some genetic components have been discovered that extend lifespan by up to 50 percent in some species. Some research points to plants being responsible for extended life spans in insects such as fruit flies—but whether similar plant compounds can slow aging in humans.

A plant-based diet extends life 
New studies show that a plant-based diet can extend life by giving animals better heart health and even helping repair DNA. Specifically, there’s evidence that animal-based fats (found in red meat) have a negative effect on our heart health and DNA when consumed in large quantities. In contrast, plant-based fats (found in nuts, seeds, avocados, and coconut oil) do not appear to damage our hearts or DNA. One study at Harvard University compared two groups of subjects, one with a vegan diet and one with an omnivorous diet. The study found that those who were vegan had lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body weight, and risk of diabetes than those who followed an omnivorous diet.

Additionally, a separate study found that following a plant-based lifestyle may also slow down the effects of aging in cells—causing them to function like they were much younger! Scientists believe this may be due to the plants’ antioxidant qualities, which reduce cell damage over time. These results suggest we should rethink how we treat cardiovascular disease and diabetes as more people choose vegetarian diets over their carnivorous counterparts.

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