Cameron Diaz’s Hunt For Clean Wine


Cameron Diaz lives a health packed lifestyle. She likes to eat simple foods that are still delicious. Her mindset revolves around the idea of clean label eating. She wants to only put foods into her body that have as little additives and preservatives as possible. After realizing that there are no rules or regulations on the labeling of wine companies, she discovered that she actually has no clue what is really in her glass of wine. This mindset led to her idea to create a clean wine brand. Cameron Diaz wanted to create a wine that is simple yet delicious.

Why Did Cameron Diaz Create a Clean Wine?

Cameron Diaz’s hunt for clean wine wasn’t as easy as it seems. She had traveled all over the world tasting many different wines and visiting many different wineries. She realized that many wine brands aren’t as transparent as they may seem with their wine. Labels on wine bottles can be deceiving because the producer isn’t required to share their ingredients on the labels. This makes it extremely difficult to really understand what you are putting into your body. Cameron Diaz decided that her brand will preach complete honesty and transparency with the ingredients. She didn’t want to use any additives or preservatives that would alter any aspect of the wine. Avaline wine is completely vegan and organic. The idea for clean, simple, and honest wine is what launched her brand.

How To Buy Cameron Diaz’s Avaline Wine?

Avaline wine is currently in a few stores across the States. As of now, Cameron Diaz has only given it to distributors she trusts, but Avaline wine is available for purchase on the website. Purchasing Avaline is super easy with the website. You are able to choose from a variety of colors and styles. The website is easily navigable and provides a lot of information about the brand and the wine itself. 

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