Burning, itching eyes? Finally! There’s allergy relief for your eyes without antihistamines or steroids


Pharmacist and healthy living expert Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams
relies on homeopathic solution that has been used for decades 


For millions of Americans, even the thought of spring makes their eyes burn, itch and water. If you suffer from seasonal eye allergies, and are tired of the stinging medications that take control over your life because of their rebound effect, you may want to consider an alternative approach that stimulates your body’s natural ability to relieve symptoms.   

“Antihistamine eye drops or artificial tears may provide temporary relief but they don’t address the problem as well as homeopathic preparations that gently stimulate the body’s natural ability to relieve symptoms,” explains pharmacist-turned healthy lifestyle expert Lisa Leslie-Williams, BS, PharmD. “Products such as Similasan Allergy Eye Relief contain natural active ingredients: no dyes, chemical vasoconstrictors, decongestants or steroids. They can be used regularly without that annoying rebound effect. Moreover, they help to activate your body’s own defense mechanisms to address the underlying problem.” 

She adds that, “The immune system plays an important role in your body’s reaction to allergens. By focusing on good nutrition, and taking steps to support your immune system, you may be able to say goodbye to itchy eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms. The great thing about natural and/or homeopathic remedies, such as Similasan, is that there are also kids’ formulas available so the whole family benefits.” 

To support your immune system, Dr. Lisa advises: 

  • Eat plenty of vibrantly-colored fruits and vegetables. “These play important roles in balancing the immune system. There is now science to support the old adage: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples contain quercetin, an antioxidant that has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Peppers, onions and garlic contain compounds that help thin and reduce mucus.”  
  • Cleanse your nasal passages: “Neti pots have become very popular right now – and with good reason. Most people know that they are a safe and natural way to help your body’s natural mechanism for clearing your sinuses of bacteria and allergens.”
  • Use an air purifier to remove allergens from your home. 
  • Make exercise part of your routine. “Regularly getting moderate-intensity exercise will help reduce your stress while boosting your immune system. It’s a win-win!” 
  • Make sleep a priority. “Your mind and body work better when they are well rested, and that applies to your body’s defenses against allergens. Aim for at least seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.” 
  • Live healthfully every single day. “Compliance is critical. If you are taking supplements or essential medications, take them as recommended to get the most benefits.”


Biography: Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams
Once a practicing pharmacist, Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams is now writing prescriptions for healthy and whole living one post at a time. As the founder of The Domestic Life Stylist, a health and wellness blog, Leslie-Williams is a respected naturopathic healthy living expert, speaker, wellness blogger, Oprah Magazine Ambassador (O MagInsider) and media spokesperson.

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