Bringing Texas Ranch-Inspired Flavors to Homes Across America

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 B&G Foods announced today a partnership with Four Sixes (6666) Ranch to introduce Four Sixes Seasonings, BBQ & Hot Sauces. The line is crafted to bring the authentic flavors of the iconic 154-year-old ranch in Guthrie, Texas, one of the most historic cattle and horse ranches in America, to home cooks across the country.

B&G Foods will release the flavorful new “Ranch Tested, Cowboy Approved” products, with flavor profiles based on the ranch’s historic recipes. Over a dozen Seasoning Blends & Packets, BBQ Sauces, and Hot Sauce varieties will be available this month for online shipping and at select grocery stores nationwide, with greater national retail rollout in June.

“Four Sixes Spices, Seasonings, BBQ & Hot Sauces perfectly capture the Western essence of Four Sixes Ranch, tasting the line instantly transports your tastebuds to a Texas ranch way of life,” said Taylor Sheridan, co-owner of the Four Sixes Ranch. “B&G Foods was the perfect partner to bring Four Sixes™ Ranch flavors to life, as they have their own rich heritage in the spices, seasonings and flavor solutions category and value authenticity of flavor and food just as much as we do.”

As featured on the hit TV show Yellowstone, the sprawling Four Sixes Ranch has over 150 years of Texas heritage. Generations of 6666 cowboys have worked and bonded together over their hearty and flavorful meals after long days of working with horse and cattle on the ranch in the Texas sun. B&G Foods partnered with the Four Sixes Ranch to authentically re-create the flavors known for generations at the ranch to bring the iconic cowboy way of life to home cooks across America.

“Our new line of seasonings and sauces is rooted in Four Sixes Ranch’s impressive history of Western excellence,” said Jordan Greenberg, Executive Vice President & President of Spices & Flavor Solutions, B&G Foods. “We worked closely with the 6666 culinary team, including co-owner Taylor Sheridan, to create this high-quality line that parallels the Ranch’s commitment to authenticity and bold recipes.” 

The cornerstone of the line, Four Sixes™ Seasoning Blend Bottles, are an explosion of flavor and available in four flavorful blends: Taylor Sheridan’s Original Cowboy, Bunkhouse Campfire, Cowboy Camp Burger & Smoky Maple will be available in shakers ranging from 2.5 – 6 oz. Four Sixes™ Seasoning Mix Packets perfect for chili, chops and meatloaf in four flavor varieties: Big Gather Beer Marinade Mix, Rancher’s Meatloaf, Chuck Wagon Chili Mix, and Steeldust Hot Honey Mix.

Savory, ranch inspired sauces complement the flavors of Four Sixes Seasonings and round out the new range. Four Sixes Hot Sauces Bronc Pickin’ and Salt Creek varieties include a pepper kick, while Four Sixes BBQ Sauces, Straight Sixes Spicy, Top Hand Hickory and Wagon Boss Original, are ideal for slathering and smothering grilled meats for extra sweet, smoky, or spicy flavor.

For more information about the release of Four Sixes Spices, Seasonings, BBQ & Hot Sauces, including recipe ideas, please visit:

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