Breathe Easy! 4 Tips for Success in Respiratory Therapy School

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Worried about going to respiratory therapy school? Take a deep breath- it’ll all
be fine as long as you follow these tips and tricks for success.

You have your heart set on a respiratory therapy career, and you can already envision yourself improving patients lives every day. You have to survive respiratory therapy school first, though.

It’s no secret that while pursuing your BS in respiratory therapy your coursework will be tough, but as it turns out, a bit of strategizing can make all the difference. Study smarter, not harder, with these top tips for success.

1. Break Down Your Planning

All-night cram sessions seem to be rites of passage in higher education, but they don’t have to be. In fact, you’ll remember information far better if you spread out your study sessions and take it bit by bit. At the beginning of the semester or any other time you find out the date for a big test or assignment, take it to your day planner. Plan out which sections to study on which days so you have time to take in everything, rather than cramming at the last minute.

2. Build a Toolbox

You’re far from the first person to feel the strain of respiratory therapy school. Luckily for you, some who have come before you have found ways to ease your path.

Look for tools online that help you study better, like flashcard builders. Even better, try tools like Respiratory Therapy Zone which is designed exclusively for respiratory therapy students.

3. Take a Trial and Error Approach

If you ask 30 people the best way to study, you’ll get 30 different answers. That’s because each person’s brain learns better through certain methods than others.

The only way to know what works for you is to take a trial and error approach. Make a list of study methods, like re-reading, group study sessions, flashcards, quizzing with a partner, drawing diagrams, mnemonics, and more.

One by one, try each item on the list and see which ones help you retain information better. One piece of advice, though: experiment with smaller tests and quizzes, not final exams.

4. Do a Bedtime Read-Through

You probably know that getting enough sleep is crucial for students, but you may not know why. While you sleep, your brain processes the information you’ve taken in throughout the day and makes it easier for you to remember in the long term. Interestingly, your brain starts with the information that it took in last and works its way backward until it reaches the following morning.

This means that the closer to bedtime that you take in new information, the better you'll retain it. For this reason, the last thing you do before going to bed should be a quick read through the notes you’ve been studying that day.

Getting Through Respiratory Therapy School to Kick Off Your Career

No matter how much you love the information you’re learning, there are times when school is stressful
and difficult. The tips above can help you get through respiratory therapy school with flying colors so you
can start making a difference in patients lives.

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