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NION Health™ Launches Breakthrough Electrolyte Supplement, Moving Negative Ions into Positive Spotlight

NION Health, a division of Galahad Life Sciences, today announces the launch of its electrolyte supplement, NION™ Electrolyte Drink Mix, that safely and effectively delivers meaningful doses of negative ions to improve hydration, replenish lost minerals, increase stamina, detoxify, and amplify the regenerative effects of intermittent fasting. The product is now available at in 30-day packs for $68. Through double blind clinical trials, consumption of NION for one week improved participants’ hydration, stamina, recovery and mitochondrial function.

“Our bodies need a balance of both positive and negative ions to support cell function, and that’s where NION comes in,” says Steve Loyd, CEO Galahad Life Sciences. “The earth connects us to negatively charged voltages that are critical to health, but living in the modern world can make it difficult to directly connect with that energy. NION acts like Nature’s Charging Station™ and gives us the negative voltage we need, supporting healthy mitochondria, the ‘battery packs’ of cellular life to make us feel more energized, perform better, and think more clearly.”

NION is formulated to work at the cellular level to rebalance and recharge cell mitochondria, resulting in increased hydration and energy levels. It is designed to complement the regenerative effects of intermittent fasting and is beneficial for anyone with an active lifestyle looking to achieve maximum health and performance.

Mix one packet of the flavorless electrolyte drink mix into water, coffee or smoothies. The granules of the electrolyte drink mix suspend in the liquid and release the electric potential over 90-minutes in the body. This supports increased hydration, water balance, replacement of lost positive and negative ions from fasting, greater stamina during exercise and more.

Consumers can purchase the drink mix and learn more about NION’s breakthrough technology at

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