12 Ways to Avoid Anxiety & Stress During and After Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a stressful time for most women; not only are they growing a new life inside of them that they have to nourish, but their lives are about to change drastically. Their bodies change that they are not in control of. They gain a lot of weight and experience a lot of physical discomforts. Moreover, the process of growing a child inside the womb takes nine long months, so naturally, the mothers have much time to overthink and stress themselves out.

Reasons for mental stress:

Some of the most common reasons for anxiety during pregnancy are reservations about labor, worrying if the baby will turn out okay, and what will happen after the baby comes. Many women are forced by circumstances to give up their work or careers, and for some women that is a very stressful possibility. Realizing that they might never have as much time to themselves after the arrival of the baby as they had before is another worry that soon-to-be-moms face. Planning out budgets is an ordeal, because of which even universally-loved activities like baby shopping might become stressful.

This stress does not stop here. For many women, the stress becomes a part of their routine and continues even after the baby is born.

Impact of stress:

Stress is never healthy, whether you are pregnant or not. However, pregnant women are prone to suffer more negative effects of stress than others. The mother’s physical health may deteriorate, and so could the baby’s. This can lead to the baby being born prematurely, or with congenital disabilities, or low birth weight. It can also cause complications during delivery. The baby’s brain and body development after birth may also be directly affected because of stress during pregnancy.

Ways to avoid stress:

Even though pregnancy is a difficult time for most women, it is possible to manage your stress during and after it. Here are some ways that experts at Click Pharmacy believe to be beneficial.

–    Talk about it

The first step to solving any problem is to accept that there is a problem. If you feel stressed, you should talk about it with your partner, your doctor, or even a therapist. Talking about stress not only releases some of it but also helps you come up with solutions to things that are causing the stress.

–    Sleep and rest well

Having a well-rested body is always important to avoid mental stress. During pregnancy, your body naturally feels more exhausted than usual. Giving it the required sleep and rest is essential to remain stress-free. Leave your household chores and your arduous jobs if your body signals to you that it has had enough for now.

–    Talk to your baby

Many women find it soothing to talk to their bumps, even if there is no proof that the baby can or cannot hear them. Some women also write to their babies or write pregnancy journals, and it calms them down.

–    Eat Well

Your body needs extra nutrition during this time; do not ignore this need. The body requires good food to retain the physical and emotional energy you need to carry out regular tasks. Eat lots of nutritious meals, and a healthy, well-balanced diet. Ask your physician for a diet plan and supplements that you could take to help you out.

–    Educate yourself for what is about to come

If there is something you are scared of, find out about it. Labor is scary, and so is the post-partum period, but if you read up on these, you may feel better-prepared.

–    Exercise and Meditation

Most pregnant women find it hard to exercise a lot, which is a commonly suggested way of reducing stress and anxiety. If your physician allows, take short walks to help you release some stress. Do small exercises that your body feels comfortable doing, for short periods each day. Meditation is also a widely acknowledged method of releasing tension and can be practiced by pregnant women.

–    Massage

Body aches and fatigue are common in pregnancies, and you deserve to treat yourself. Find a nice massage parlor and get a massage. If you cannot afford it, ask your partner to learn a few techniques off the internet and to demonstrate them to you.

–    Laugh

Studies suggest that laughing releases happy hormones in the brain, tricking it into being happy. The same theory applies when you are pregnant and stressed out. Watch funny movies, spend time with people who make you happy, and just let that laughter out. You will feel much lighter.

–    Comfortable clothing

Many women experience severe stress over the physical discomfort the pregnancy causes them. Something as easy as wearing comfortable clothes can help reduce this stress. So no matter where you are going, what kind of gathering it is, and how formal or fancy things might get, you keep wearing those comfy trousers and loose shirts.

–    Meet people

Keep yourself in the company of people, especially the ones you like. Talk to them, invite them over, and make them take care of you!

–    Don’t believe everything you hear

Unfortunately, not everyone is very good at creating stress-free environments. People around you will tell you all sort of crazy stories and theories, what to do and what not to do, and will stress you out with useless banter. Let these people talk, but do not let this information bother you. You have educated yourself well about things you need to know, and there is no need to worry about possibilities that might never even occur. Focus on keeping yourself happy, and everything will be alright.

–    Be prepared

After giving birth, don’t think that the hard part is over. Be mentally ready for long and hard nights, and believe that you can overcome all difficulties.

Remember, stress is not only manageable, but also very natural. If you experience too much of it, do not hesitate to consult someone.

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