Best Slots To Try

With so many options in 2019, it can be incredibly hard to deduce what the best slots to play are, incredibly hard indeed, even with the help of brands like Slotsmummy. The sheer number available is one thing, but they are getting better and better at a consistently rising level, therefore making the choice an even harder one to make.

Annoyingly it isn’t something you can just ignore as well, at least not if you want to make some serious cash. Some games are easier to win on than others, although might appear to be less fun at first. Really it’s all about what you want from a given title, fun, money, or both of them in tandem. The last option certainly sounds the most tantalizing, so why don’t we jump in and look at some examples. 

Bonanza Slots Site game

As the name suggests, this online slot really is a bonanza to play, exhibiting a high-octane approach to video slot mechanics, complete with collapsing reels and falling carts of symbols. Big Time Gaming have developed a game that really ticks many of the boxes here, the setting is in a calm woodland, but as soon as you start playing you realize that Bonanza is anything but calm. In fact it’s a bonanza!

 The aforementioned carts of symbols bring a unique dynamic to this game, and can prove to be incredibly lucrative in the long run, just make sure you can keep your eye on them for long enough. Other bonus games, such as a round where you must blow up as much of a mine as possible, result in some lovely multipliers. Bonanza is definitely an example of one of the best slots to play.   

Rainbow Riches – A Top Slot

You just cannot go wrong with the classics now can you? And Rainbow Riches is exactly that, a bonafide classic that has captured the imaginations of many gamblers all across the world. Available both online and on-land this is an Ireland themed slot game that accordingly can be rather lucrative indeed.

 Barcrest developed this game almost two decades ago, and the fact it still stands the test of time only exemplifies its superior stature further. As does the fact that Rainbow Riches has received multiple sequels, of which Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold, Rainbow Riches Fortune Favors and Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home are just a few. All this being said though, you just cannot go wrong with the original. 

Starburst – The Best of all Slots Games? 

Are you a fan of the popular Bejeweled slot game? If so you simply must check out Starburst by the remarkably accomplished Swedish developers NetEnt. In typical fashion for them this is a dazzlingly example of online casino entertainment that comes in full 3D for that extra special sheen.

 And Starburst’s aesthetics are just the tip of the iceberg; because this video slot contains so many special bonuses and features you could even find it overwhelming. For instance, the Skill Stop feature is a neat touch, enabling players to try to win games out of skill rather than just luck. Check out Starburst if you know what’s good for you!


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