Best Enjoyed Individually: Green Tea and Meat Edition

green tea

If you practice healthy eating habits, or you’re just a lover of all things carnivore, you probably enjoy a great piece of meat every so often. Most people enjoy their meat with wine, beer, or another full body drink.

While it isn’t common, many people are starting to explore drinking tea with their steaks. With the current health climate, many people are turning to tea, especially green tea, as their drink of choice, because of the benefits of caffeine, antioxidants, and calorie free if left unsweetened.

But, before you take a swig of that tea, let us tell you why that is not such a good idea.

Green Tea and Iron

Meat has a large amount of iron within its composition. Most people who drink green tea turn to green tea for the benefits, specifically its benefits as an antioxidant.

When you eat anything that is high in iron and drink tea shortly after, the tea binds to the iron and loses the benefit as an antioxidant! Not only does the tea lose its benefits…so does the iron in the meat! This means that for those that are seeking to understand a carnivore lifestyle, you aren’t going to reap the benefits of the iron-rich diet and will decrease their weight loss and energy benefits. The hard thing is that the green tea also acts as a diuretic and is often recommended to those who are seeking to lose weight on a meat-filled diet.

How do you stick to these dietary guidelines without losing the benefits?

Understanding the Carnivore Diet

The first thing that you truly need to do to get back the benefits of your meat if you plan to enjoy it with tea is to fully understand the carnivore diet. For instance, the carnivore diet has specific rules that need to be followed and side effects that can come from not following these rules. To learn more about the effects of this diet and why they occur, one simply needs to go online. Finding the correct resources on the carnivore diet will help you to make sure that you gain all of the benefits that your diet choice affords you.

How To Reap the Benefits

While green tea isn’t a common side with your average restaurant fillet, you may want to keep in mind that meat and green tea should be enjoyed separately. If it is a common pairing in your household with your diet, it’s time to explore a new option for dinner. If you want to continue enjoying both, however, there is a particular way to reap the benefits.

To best get the benefits of both your meat and your green tea, ensure that you are enjoying them separately. It takes your body a minimum of twenty minutes to begin extracting the nutrients from either of these delicious items. As such, you should wait at least twenty minutes between enjoying a member of this pairing if you are attempting to get the health benefits. While it is hard to delay the satisfaction of that taste, the benefits will be worth it.

If you are drinking tea with your meat, you might want to reconsider your pairing. If you’re looking to get the health benefits of iron and antioxidants, it’s much better to enjoy these two things separately. And, if you must enjoy them together, just make sure you’re enjoying the taste…and not the health effects.


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