4 Benefits of Choosing a Women’s Only Rehab Center


If you have never gone through or lived with an addicted person, you can never understand how it feels like being an addicted person. What you undergo seeing your relationships tearing, physical and mental health deteriorating and life falling apart? That’s why non-addicted people don’t know that addicts don’t join treatment programs just because they want to get sober. They dare to undergo rehabilitation because they want to re-capture the lost colors of life – get back to life!

Every addict’s history of addiction, life’s story and rehabilitation needs are different. So, you can’t treat everyone with the same treatment programs – you need a personalized approach for better outcomes. Considering this notion, male and female patient’s treatment requirements are also different from each other.

If you or your loved one is aiming to kick off the addiction to embrace the colors of life, then here is why you need to look out for women-specific rehab center, according to experts at women’s rehab program California:

Safety and Security Matters:

A woman can’t feel at home until she doesn’t feel safe and secure, which is difficult to feel at a co-ed place. Significantly, if a woman became an addict due to a case of sexual abuse or violence, she might not feel safe in the presence of males and not open up about her condition. The presence of the opposite gender might also remind her about previous experience, and they will never feel like giving up on addiction. Different researches have shown that the environment and ambience plays an important role in motivating people to get sober. So, women should join a rehab program that doesn’t remind them of their past bad experiences.

Sense of Community:

Addiction patients who dare to join rehab centers usually have entered a stage where they have lost confidence in themselves and goodness of life. That’s why they need people around them who can motivate them to regain confidence in themselves and come back to life. This sense of togetherness and belonging is much easier to develop in a women-only addiction center. It is easier for women to come closer to each other and develop a sense of community where they can rely, support and help each other by sharing their feelings and resolving problems.

Specific Treatment Requirements:

Women need female-specific treatment programs not only because they have different addiction history than men, but also because their brain’s makeup is different from men. Different studies have shown that women’s mental health treatment needs are different than men because alcohol and other addictive substances reduce the amount of serotonin produced within their brain. It increases the possibility of low mood and triggers suicidal thoughts that can create hindrance in the sobriety process and possibility of relapse might also increase.

Judgement Free Environment:

In a mutual environment, women might be judged to response to the treatment program just like men. Even doctors and other therapists might not understand the unique requirements of women. But in a women-specific center, women will undergo rehabilitation in a judgement-free environment that will make them feel at ease and focus on their rehabilitation rather than caring about being judged.

Most addiction efforts fail due to the selection of rehab centers. Addiction programs are effective, but only if you choose the right one. That’s what makes the difference!

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