Benefits of Vaping Compared to Smoking


Did you know that your health could start improving as soon as you switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping? Every minute that you spend away from a cigarette will improve your wellbeing and lifespan. However, tobacco addiction is not an easy habit to kick.

You should start vaping if you cannot quit cigarettes cold turkey. Is vaping better than smoking?

Here are the benefits of vaping compared to smoking:

You Get Your Sense of Taste and Smell Back

If you have been smoking for most of your life, you might not realize the extent of damage that it has done to your taste buds and sense of smell. Since cigarettes have a way of dulling the senses, you will start enjoying your meals more once you quit. Moreover, you will start noticing that smells are sharper than before.

The sensitivity of your nose will start increasing two days after you stop smoking and get better with time.

Hacking, Coughing, and Wheezing Will Disappear

People who have been smoking for a long time have a lot of junk and mucous in their lungs. The lungs of a smoker are less efficient when it comes to cleaning out this stuff, which results in bad coughs. Once you stop smoking, most of this junk will clean itself out of your lungs and they will start working properly. This means that your coughing fits will disappear with time.

Your Blood Oxygen Will Increase

After you stop smoking for good, your body will start getting rid of the toxic carbon monoxide in your blood. Whenever you inhale tobacco smoke, this poison gets into your body and lowers the level of oxygen in your lungs. For this reason, smokers are less fit that non-smokers and cannot run up a flight of stairs without getting breathless.

Because vaping does not increase the carbon monoxide in your body, your blood will start carrying more oxygen once you quit smoking.

No More Second-hand Smoke

Although people will push you to quit smoking for your own sake, you also have to do it for them. Cigarette smoking is dangerous for everyone around you because of second-hand smoke. This smoke increases the risk of cancer in the people around you as well as your pets.

Clouds of vape do not pose any health risk to people around you; this makes vaping safer than smoking. The sooner you stop smoking, the safer the people around you will be.

Your Lungs Will Start Eliminating Crud

As soon as you stop smoking, your lungs will begin the process of cleaning themselves. The little brush-like things in your lungs known as cilia play a big role in cleaning mucus and other junk. If you are a constant smoker, your cilia become immobile and stop functioning properly. Unlike cigarettes, vaping does not clog up your lungs, which means that vaping is a better choice for you.

Lower Risk of Lung Cancer

Vaping does not do as much damage to your lungs as smoking does. When you stop smoking, your risk of getting lung cancer will decrease significantly. Your risk will reduce by half when you take up vaping and ditch the cigarette.

Lower Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

Your risk of getting blood clots increases when you smoke, which means that you will be more likely to die of a stroke or heart attack. Five years after you put down the cigarette, your risk of getting a blood clot will reduce by half.

As you can see, vaping is safer than smoking, meaning that you should start vaping. Just make sure that you do not go back to cigarettes.

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