Benefits of Periodic Detoxing


We all know that feeling of “too much.” Too much salt, too much sugar, too much artificial sweeteners, too much fun over the weekend, too much staying up late and waking up early, too much lounging around, too much working late, too much sitting, too much gossiping and too much time on social media. When we get into ruts of over-consumption and over-stimulation, there comes a tipping point and we can’t possibly get in enough sweating time and letting our bodies and minds release and filter out all of the components of “too much,” whatever that is for you. Let’s look at some benefits of a couple of detoxing applications:

  1. Elimination detox. Our body’s natural elimination methods are for gas, liquids and solids. Gas expelled is carbon dioxide when we breathe, and there’s actually a working theory about how losing fat follows this path. Liquids follow their natural paths and exit as sweat and urine. Solids exit the body as excrement, or feces. All of these processes are natural and necessary for our optimal health. When we consume more than our body can easily eliminate and expel during its natural rhythm, symptoms like sluggishness, lethargy, mood swings and other unpleasant occurrences happen as the body’s natural warning system. Eliminating what goes in can be taken a step further in periods of rapid need,some use detox kits to pass a drug test or just to flush out their system from time to time. This isn’t unheard of, though isn’t advised without proper medical supervision. Celebrities like Tim Ferriss talk about dropping weight for athletic competitions at rapid rates and expedited timelines, though under direct medical guidance and monitoring. Most of life is not that intense and can be managed in more normalized routines and patterns. Listen to your body and get to know what it needs, and doesn’t need.
  2. Preventative detoxing. This might sound contradictory, but let’s lean into it. If you don’t consume what you don’t need in the first place, whether holistically or selectively, then the detoxing process takes a whole lot less energy and time to occur. For example, if you’re consuming freshly grown, organic produce, instead of a bag of processed genetically modified corn syrup. If it doesn’t get consumed at all, it doesn’t have to be processed out. Our body naturally uses and processes what it needs from what we consume, so the less it needs to filter out, the less stress there is on our bodies and the healthier we generally are all around.

When we detox our bodies, it can feel overwhelming and stressful in the interim, because it puts a lot of focus on the organs that are responsible for sorting all of the nutrients from the trash are working overtime, and can use a lot of extra energy. It all passes soon enough, and keeping hydrated and a nutritionally dense diet during times of stress, as well as throughout your life whenever possible, is a key to keeping your body in tip top shape. 

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