Benefits Of Medical Detox At Leading Recovery Centers

medical detox

Addiction is not the end of the world, and we have several along with their success stories to prove this theory. When we have a plethora of therapies, we have inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, but the one that we hear about a lot is, Medical Detox!

It is probably because it is known to cleanse the entire body before any other treatment can start. Some even have a negative connotation attached to medical detoxification, and some common myths are to be blamed for that. All in all, medical detox is not something that only concentrates on giving you medication that cleans your system from all the toxic materials; it is so much more than that.

If you are planning to recover yourself or enroll someone else suffering from addiction for recovery. Great! You are already on the path to sobriety!

So, you are thinking of medical detox, right?

You are not making the wrong decision. Although you should think about other methods like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Self-help groups as well, you can always start with medical detox.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing two important things.

  • Common myths of medical detox.
  • Benefits of medical detox, which can help in recovery.

What Is NOT A Medical Detox?

Whenever we are talking about medical detox, we are focusing on medical detox, which includes an inpatient facility.

You have a patient who is subjected to prescribed medicines that can cleanse their body while keeping their health in check.

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These are also highly supervised by doctors and other medical professionals, and they will try their best to keep the patient away from relapses.

They also help in coping with the withdrawal symptoms.

In no way are we talking about medical detoxes, which put patients under a state of anesthesia for more than five days to drain all the toxic substances outside their bodies.

Because that method of medical detox is extremely harmful.

Benefits Of Medical Detox

If you are planning on getting into a medical detox treatment, you might need some convincing statements.

We understand that, and hence we have brought the benefits of medical detox, which guarantees recovery.

This is all you need to know about them.

1. They Are Medically Supervised

The best part of medical detox is they are medically supervised. However, the thought of putting drugs in the body, especially if the person is suffering from drug addiction, could be scary.

But, they can be supervised by doctors and other medical professionals. In addition, the medicines are prescribed and only given in small doses, so you do not have to worry about catching another addiction.

2. They Help To Clean The System

Medical detox is mostly the first part of any rehabilitation program because it helps the body detoxify. This prescribed medicine cleanses the blood and the system from the residual toxins of drugs and alcohol, which are still harming the body.

This helps in reducing chronic illness caused by these residues for being in the body for too long. It is like you start with a clean slate, literally!

These detox programs are exclusive to the patient, i.e., doctors do a thorough check of their body and their medical history before prescribing them anything.

3. They Help To Cope With Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Although there have been no cases of death caused by the withdrawal symptoms of addiction, it is still scary and painful.

Thanks to some medicines, doctors can provide some ease to the patient during their withdrawal and prevent relapsing urges.

However, you cannot take these without a prescription because you wouldn’t know the right dosage and its side effects on the body, so if you are planning on doing a DIY detox, ditch that idea!

4. It Saves Life

Medical detox has brought back many patients from the verge of an overdose and death. Under the right supervisors, these procedures are quick and can save a lot of lives.

The most important thing is to fix the body and then move over towards mental and spiritual wellness during addiction recovery.

5. Leads To Treatment Of Chronic Illness

When the doctor is examining the body of an addiction patient, many other chronic illnesses can also come into the picture.

Diseases and ailments which you would never think you have. Thus, a patient definitely needs medical detox.

They need to get rid of the toxins because they need to bring their body back on a healthy path. A path that motivates them to move forward and makes them conscious about their health,

6. Takes Care Of The Diet

Speaking of bringing the body back to a healthy part, medical detox will have doctors and a dietitian.

The patient cannot go round and about, eating everything when they are under such heavy medicines. Thus, a dietician will help them remodel their diets. Add more detox superfoods in them; they can also add exercises that can improve your digestive system.

All in all, it helps in detoxification plus making yourself physically fit again.

7. Helps In Establishing Healthy Boundaries

When the patient is already in the path of sobriety and just learning a new healthy coping mechanism of their urges, they are encouraged to set new boundaries.

Now, they have this gifted clean body that they have to take care of, and once this thought embeds in their mind, they will have the resilience to cope with withdrawal as well.

A healthy, clean body also leads to a healthy mind; a patient can never feel okay when deadly harmful toxins are in their body.

Medical Detox To Go!

When you start with something such as medical detox, you are already on the right path to sobriety. Hopefully, this article was able to convince you to enroll in a medical detox program today. On the other hand, you should also consider therapy and rehabilitation after the medical detox to fully recover a new life.

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