The benefits of alternative medicine and how therapy can help you overcome health problems

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Medicine has come a long way and there are many things which can now be cured, that were thought incurable not that long ago. However, medicine isn’t perfect and what your doctor prescribes you might not always get you on your feet.  Alternative medicine is the answer for many people, and as Melissa Wheelock says on her website, “”When the Mind is still, and you are truly at peace with your Body, the soul can be free.”.

While it’s unwise to disregard your doctor’s advice, trying out alternative medicine solutions such as ones that rely on body awareness therapy can yield amazing benefits and overall health improvement results. Here, we talk a bit more in depth about how these alternative solutions can help a person looking to get better.

The benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a craft that can be used for both healing and improving one’s body. Thanks to the slow –movement exercises that are practiced in Yoga, people learn to be in tune with their bodies and to open the way to a much clearer though process. Some of the benefits that come with Yoga are:

  • You start leaning more towards positive thoughts
  • You start to eat healthier and engage in more healthy eating habits
  • You stop thinking less of yourself from a body image perspective
  • You stop objectifying yourself

These results have been recorded from women that were practicing Yoga and compared to habits and overall lifestyles of women that did not practice Yoga, for a clearer, more objective result.

The benefits of Acupuncture

Health can be improved dramatically through acupuncture with the help of precisely inserted needles into your body. Professional acupuncturists know where to insert these needles in order to stimulate different parts of functions of your body. It is a very helpful and efficient way of improving your health. Here are some things that it is known for the most:

  • It helps you feel more in control in a social context
  • It helps lower depression
  • It improves both the health of your body and of your mind

Massage therapy

You might think that a massage is just a means for relaxing, but relaxation in itself is a very powerful form of therapy. For both the mind and the body, therapy through a relaxing massage can help reduce stress and create a more positive point of view for different things, or for life in general. It’s not just a state of mind either, as there are direct, physical reactions to massage therapy. Here are some of the things you can look for in massage therapy:

  • Makes the body secrete norepinephrine and dopamine
  • Increases overall level of comfort and satisfaction in the body
  • Reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body



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