11 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Makeup and grooming is often misunderstood to be a tiresome, long and complex process. Most first timers are intimidated with the size of their beauty makeup kit. The variety of tools may look too complex. Cosmetics do involve disciple, but it doesn’t warrant being makeup Nazi. An item from your kit can serve more than one purpose. Even your household items can serve as makeup tools, when required.

The focus in the industry is upon newly emerging cosmetic treatments and not on being strict with DIY procedures. For instance, lip filler treatment developed by Dr Glenn Murray, Absolute Cosmetic has made rounds in social media recently. Transforming mundane lips into Kylie Jenner’s in no time, is a real prospect.

Without further wait, listed below are the top beauty hacks every woman should know.

1. Shaving Legs with Hair Conditioners

When it comes to shaving legs, most of us are amateurs. We can keep our legs spotless and devoid of any hair. But the resulting smoothness may not be appreciable always. That arises from the limitations of your shaving gel and cream. An amazing alternative is hair conditioner. Use it for shaving on your legs and get the smoothest shave.

2. Healing Shaving Cuts with Lip Balm

Here’s a secret, straight from the book of men’s darkest cosmetic tricks. Regardless of the region you shave, you are always vulnerable to razor cuts. They look ugly and even worse, draw blood. A cool way to heal them would be using lip balms. When it works on men, it should work perfectly on women too.

3. Use Ice Cubes While Shaping Eyebrows

When shaping your eyebrows, lot of cutting and chopping will be involved. It can cause immense amount of pain. A neat way to alleviate that pain would be using ice cubes prior to the process. It helps reduce 60-70% of the pain. The wetness helps lining the tiny hairs along your preferred shape.

4. Touch Up Roots with Toothbrush

Hair is the integral part of your beauty. Keeping them healthy, shiny and in great shape is essential. Your ‘touch up’ on the roots need to effective. Using your fingers to do that, does such an untidy job. Instead, use an old and unused toothbrush. Who knew toothbrush can be such an amazing beauty tool. They work quite awesomely on those tough roots.

5. Using Lipstick Instead of Color Corrector

Dark circles are a universal problem. It happens to almost anyone over dehydration, deprivation of sleep and many more reasons. When you don’t have the color corrector lying around, red lipstick can come handy. Apply a bit of red or orange lipstick to hide the dark spots. You can hide it by using a concealer around it. Gently apply it without rubbing it in the area.

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6. Using Deodorant to Even Out Razor Bumps

Shaving body hair doesn’t come naturally to all women. You are bound to get razor bumps. The conventionally used solutions to cover that aren’t that efficient. This is where deodorant comes in handy. Apply it on the skin immediately after shaving. You are less likely to see razor bumps even after an amateur hour. Pick the high substance deodorants for this purpose.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide for Lightening Your Hair

Hydrogen peroxide proves efficient in lightening your hair. For easy highlights using half peroxide and half water. Spray it on your hair and let it dry. Rinse and repeat unless you get the shade you always wanted. It cannot get any simpler than this.

8. Using Deodorant to Prevent Shoe Blisters

Deodorant also helps keep away blisters, that comes from using new shoes. You can even buy the best of the best branded shoes. Regardless of whether its a fashion shoe, running shoe or hiking shoes, brand new ones take a little breaking in. Till then, the new shoes bite and also cause blisters. One way to solve this annoying problem is to apply deodorant in the soles, forefront and heel.

9. Using Mascara as Eyeliner

Mascara enhances your eyelashes while eyeliners define the eyes. Nevertheless, the former can sub in for the latter in S.O.S situations. You can use mascara’s when an eyeliner is not lying around. Don’t make it a regular practice. It is pretty much like bending the purpose of these two easy to use cosmetic tools. This trick should come in handy, till you get an eyeliner for the makeup kit.

10. Replacing Mascara with Lip Brush

Mascara does accentuate your eyelashes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t give you bigger and bolder, bottom eyelash, you are after. For better bottom lashes, you can consider using a lip brush instead. Load up your lip brush and paint at the roots of bottom lashes. Lip brushes don’t replace mascara, it just makes applying easier at the bottom lashes.

11. Eyeshadows for Nail Polish

Eye shadows are applied around the eyes to make them more noticeable. Some of them does an over the top kind of job. You wouldn’t like the glittery attention you are receiving. Such eyeshadows have a purpose on your nails. They do sub in awesomely for the nail polish. The colors which you don’t want on your face may look fantastic on your nails.

No one wants a makeup kit all over the place in their bathroom. To add up to the trouble, there are hygiene products too. A silver divider can prove useful in arranging your hygiene and makeup kit. It helps getting the entire set organized. The amount of customization on offer is appealing. It helps with any kind of rush in the mornings. You don’t have to keep digging the entire drawer to get that one thing.

These tips are just the starter package. It will be useful in everyday grooming. To take up beauty seriously, educate yourself extensively on beauty and wellness. Grooming does reflect in confidence levels and mood. Beauty related smarts goes a long way. Makeup supplies all over the place in the bathroom needs some fixing. Knowing primary and secondary purposes of each cosmetology item makes life easy. Stay bold and beautiful!

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