Beat the blues – 8 ways to boost your mood naturally

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Are the blues getting the best of you lately? You are not alone. Life gets difficult, you have to juggle multiple responsibilities, you can’t seem to find the time to do the things you like anymore and before you even know it stress levels hit the roof. The grey skies and the winter cold don’t help either, so it’s no wonder you’re struggling to put a smile on your face.

So, what can you do when you come down with a case of the blues? Wait patiently until the skies to turn blue and birds start chirping again? You could let life follow its course and hope your mood will soon improve on its own, or you could try to speed up the process naturally. Because life is too short to waste time feeling low when you could be out there enjoying yourself.

Luckily for you and everyone else dealing with the lows at the moment, there are some simple tried and tested methods to beat the blues and boost your mood. And the best thing about them is they’re completely natural and accessible to everyone.

Connect with your loved ones

When times get rough and you can’t find a reason to smile anymore, it’s always a good idea to turn to your loved ones for solace. Having a support network can have a significant positive impact on your mental health. Little things like chatting with a friend on the phone about how your day went or spending time with someone who listens to you and doesn’t judge you can instantly lift your spirits. People are wired to connect with others, so keeping in touch and interacting with those who are close to you can help boost your confidence and give you a more positive outlook on life.


We all know that exercising is good for our mind and body, yet most of us are too lazy to get up and get moving. There are plenty of studies showing that regular physical activity can help reduce anxiety, stress, and fight symptoms of depression. That’s because when you exercise, the body releases endorphins that act as a natural mood booster. Maybe now’s the right time to make a change and finally commit to a fitness routine. And if the idea of traveling back and forth to the gym doesn’t appeal to you, you can choose to work out in the comfort of your home with the help of a workout app or some online classes.

Play with a pet

Sometimes, the best medicine doesn’t come in the form of a pill or a substance. Sometimes the best treatments have four legs, fluffy fur and a wet nose. That’s right, your pet can be the most effective remedy to keep sadness and loneliness at bay. Having a dog or a cat waiting for you at home can work wonders for your mental wellbeing. And even if you don’t own a pet, you surely have friends who do, so why not pay those friends a visit for some one-on-one furry therapy? Or you can volunteer at your local dog shelter and help animals in need. It will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Go outside

Staying between the four walls of your home is never a good idea when you’re going through a rough patch. All you’ll do is go over and over the same depressing thoughts, and that won’t help you improve your mood in the least. If you want to change your mood, you have to change the scenery as well. So, whenever you get the chance, put a pair of comfortable shoes on and start exploring. If you could conduct your explorations in nature and also absorb some vitamin D while you’re out and about, that would be even better for your mind and soul.

Give natural remedies a try

When you need a little extra help to bring happiness back into your life, natural remedies can provide the solution. Sometimes, your body doesn’t get all the nutrients it needs from your diet, and that’s where supplements come into play. However, keep in mind that not all natural remedies are created equal, so make sure you purchase them from trustworthy brands. If you want to take an alternative route to wellbeing you can also test the benefits of hemp flower. There are plenty of studies showing that CBD can help with a multitude of issues, including fatigue, low energy and mood.


There’s a close connection between the quality of your sleep and your mood. We all know that not getting enough sleep makes you feel tired and grumpy the next day. In the long run, sleep deprivation can have serious consequences on your overall health, and feeling low is just one of the symptoms you’ll experience. That’s why doctors’ recommendations of getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night are no joke. So instead of lying in bed staring at your phone screen for hours, you could put your phone and all other smart devices away and make sure you get enough good-quality sleep every night.

Try to eat healthier 

We know, it’s not easy to have a balanced diet when you’re always on the go and you don’t have time to cook every day. But you could at least try to reduce the amount of caffeine, sugar and processed food you consume. Try to replace junk food with healthier snacks such as dark chocolate, leafy greens, or magnesium-rich nuts and seeds. Apart from being delicious, they’re also known for their mood lifting benefits. 


In a day and age where we’re more connected than ever, we’ve made a habit out of checking our phones, scrolling through social media or reading news. It’s great to stay in the know, but it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information and negativity we absorb every day through different mediums. If you want to stay sane and keep your mood up, it’s worth taking a break from social media and the news every now and then. They’ll still be there when you get back.

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